Speculations on the Monster Hunter character?


I’m surprised that no one brought up the question of how the Monster Hunter character would play. Would the Hunter play in a Blademaster or Gunner style? Would they have access to a variety of weapons, or just use one? Would they have Cha-Cha and Kayamba as assists of sorts, or would it be a group of Felynes (like in Monster Hunter 4)?

I’m very curious about this, even though I’m still skeptical about MvCI as a whole. I’d like to hear your suggestions/ideas on how the character should be played or designed.


It’s probably just a generic enemy you fight in story mode.


Why would you say that? The leak did say that the Monster Hunter character will be on the actual roster.


If you are a fan of MH and following it’s different titles and spinoff.

There is no other character than.


I never played that game. While the Felyne character could have potential, I’d rather have the actual hunter because they may have a more versatile set of moves to use.


Taking X as an example, the Hunter will only have greatsword, bow and insect glaive.
I just hope one super is Rathalos fucking everything up like that


That could happen, but part of me would rather have the Brachydios (but that’s mostly because it’s one of my favorite monsters from the games).