Speed Demos Archive presents Awesome Games Done Quick charity marathon (January 6-11)


Sup everyone, at least a few of you saw this last year so I figured I’d make a thread to let you know about our second go at this!

Last year, for the first time, Speed Demos Archive hosted a live-streamed marathon of speedruns to raise money for charity. It was a far bigger success than any of us could have hoped for, raising over $11,000 total, and we’re making things much bigger and (hopefully!) better this time around. We will be playing for essentially 5 straight days and aim to complete 100 games, with all donations going toward the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

If you’d like to know more about the schedule of games, stream location, donation prizes, or anything else, go to the Awesome Games Done Quick homepage. Here are just a few highlights:

  • The best games from many classic franchises (Mario, Sonic, Zelda, Metroid, Megaman, Castlevania)

  • Many more modern hits than last year’s marathon (Resident Evil series, Devil May Cry, Halo, Portal, Bayonetta, Uncharted 2)

  • More RPGs than last year (Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy IV, Kingdom Hearts 2, Pokemon Blue). These games always create lots of donation bidding wars!

  • Some more obscure games than you’d expect (Snake Rattle & Roll, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker)

  • Best of all IMO, lots more races this time! We will be having 2 or more players race each other in a bunch of games including Ocarina of Time, Symphony of the Night, Battletoads, and Rocket Knight Adventures (among many others). The races for Battletoads and Castlevania 1 will also be accompanied by a piano soundtrack courtesy of Kareshi!

And to address one last issue that the site doesn’t really cover, I’m sure some people will ask “why should I donate?” Well, besides just feeling good, you can get various perks for donating. These include game-specific prizes (check the schedule to find these), character choices in certain games (e.g. Castlevania 3, Final Fight), character names in RPGs, and even one particular game choice (one of our players will do either Majora’s Mask or 120-star Mario 64 depending on which receives more in donations)! There could also be some blindfolded Super Mario Bros. if you play your cards right…

Well, that’s about it, check out the site for more info and hope to see you there!


This probably looks like spam and I apologize, but there’s at least a bit of an SRK connection with this - I’ll be playing Castlevania 1/3/4 and Streets of Rage 2. A lot of players I know are interested in this, hence why I made a thread!


One more day before it begins…we’ll be doing a test stream later today. From God Hand to Bad Street Brawler, anything’s fair game here! Unfortunately I don’t have a link for that yet, but I’ll post once we get set up.


I’ve been anticipating this for a while. Hope it’s even more successful than last year!

Have you guys considered making a DVD of it? I’d enjoy seeing the off-screen antics of the races and other stuff, especially since I have no intention of watching it from start to finish.


Well, the test stream is up now with Trekhaak doing a practice run for Banjo-Kazooie! There are 2 streams, URLs are as follows:

Gameplay: SDA Awesome Games Done Quick on USTREAM: Speed Demos Archive (http://speeddemosarchive.com), home of over 600 speedruns, is streaming a charity marathon fo…

Commentary: SDA Marathon commentary on USTREAM: Please go to http://speeddemosarchive.com for the marathon. (not up atm)

Koatl: Good question! I asked Mike Uyama and he’s not too sure about a DVD. We do save the video of both the gameplay and commentary and upload to the site afterward, not much else to do AFAIK…


I am definitely interested in the event.
Starts in 5~hours.
Sadly it’s very hard to not sleep for 4 days


Saturday is looking too good. I’ll be tuning in for most of that one!


When does this take place? (The stream that is)


The event is planned to start at 4PM EST


Today is the first day! The stream is online even though the event hasn’t started yet - Romscout is currently doing a practice run of Castlevania SOTN.

Today’s planned games, in order, are: Super Mario Galaxy 2, Portal, Halo, MGS Twin Snakes (chosen because it’s much shorter than the original MGS), and MGS2.


It’s on


HOLYHELLYES!!! My phone can play the stream!!!

I’ll be watching this all day at work. :slight_smile:


Well, Halo just finished and it can only go up from here! There can actually be a lot of time gained over the estimates on future games (an hour on FF4 alone!) so things aren’t quite as bad as they seem…

Also, if nothing else, this pushes the Megaman games into a more reasonable timeslot for most people!


Halo’s finally finished?

Tunes in



Caught bits of this last year. The halo run did a number on the runner. lol. MM is always fun to watch.


If you like the classics, today is amazing! Megaman X is going on now, followed by X2 and X4. Following this, in order:

-Snake Rattle 'n Roll (no warps!)
-Ninja Gaiden (NES)
-Contra 1-3
-Metal Storm
-Blaster Master
-Battletoads (race w/ piano soundtrack)
-Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out
-Marble Madness
-Super Mario Bros. through Super Mario World (SMW is a race, and Lost Levels is included in this)
-Dr. Mario (much more entertaining that you would think!)
-Tetris Attack
-Yoshi’s Island

Then we head into midnight with me playing Castlevania 1 (race w/ andrewg, piano soundtrack again) + 3 + 4, then Satoryu and SirVG racing in Dracula X Chronicles, then Romscout + Satoryu + RaneofSOTN racing in SOTN. This will be followed by Kareshi (the pianist doing the Battletoads and CV races) running Ghosts 'n Goblins and Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts! Graveyard shift will be covered by Carcinogen playing more Resident Evil (4 + 5 this time, 5 being co-op with RaneofSOTN).

Hope to see you there!

EDIT: If nothing else, I’d definitely recommend tuning in for the Battletoads race. One of the players, PJ DiCesare, is apparently some kind of savant at breaking this game to pieces and has even done [media=youtube]_e9xdvXR8m0[/media]


Good shit man. There was some crazy runs. I missed the CV stuff. Did you manage to set any records?


Nice work, kept me entertained through the weekend.