speed etc

I have recently made my not-so-triumphant return to the SF series (basically a noob) and have been pulling my hair out trying to get the hang of Dhalsim, but I really want to play him. I could use some help with a few stupid things I suck at:

  1. Ultra - Every time I want to Ultra someone, I end up teleporting back and forth. This is often quite humorous to my friends, but it ends up with someone’s fist in Dhalsim’s face and a loss. Obviously, the teleport motion is kind of inherently contained within the Ultra motion, but I’ve tried slowing it down and still can’t pull it off consistently in the heat of battle. Any tips?

  2. AntiAir - I find that his b.HK often comes out too slowly to counter a jumper, and when it hits, it also often simply trades with my opponent. I’ve checked out the big thread on when to use each move against which player but A) that’s far too much for me to memorize and B) I’m trying to just speak generally. Perhaps I’m not using enough b.MP?

  3. Is Dhalsim at a natural disadvantage when used online (I often play the PC version)? It often feels like he simply can’t block/antiair/punish fast enough. Is this due to lag or my delusions? I don’t feel this way playing my friends on xBox.

I’m not exactly good with dhalsim, but these are few hints that I can give :
from what i’ve seen, it’s best to be at mid range for the ultra, and before you tp, be sure to jump and teleport just before you touch the ground, then air hp, any link, yoga fire. that usually does the trick :stuck_out_tongue:

I find the back + hkick a sorta nice airpunisher, but the ex yogablast is definitely the best.
The light yogablast also comes pretty fast, you might find it convenient :smiley:
Dhalsim’s definitely not at disadvantage on the net, it’s probably due to your difficulty to punish jumpers, and the freakin LOT of jumpers there are on the net xD (i once won with 2 perfect only airgrabbing a ken jumper :<, these kangaroos never learn)

If you wanna train on the pc version, I’m up for it :smiley: I’m a gouken player who switched to joystick and got from average/good to low/average :frowning:
My style became sorta lame and ugly because of how slow i execute my inputs xD

Thanks for the tips. They should definitely help.

I’ve been using Ultra mostly at point-blank range, which is probably a bad idea and probably the cause of some of my frantic attempts turning into teleports. Mid-range makes sense because of the teleport tactics. I had been trying to teleport by ending the motion with a forward-up (so he jumps right before teleporting), but I wasn’t pulling that off consistently either. I suppose there is enough time to jump before teleporting if I use the Ultra at mid-range.

I had heard/thought that yoga blast was too slow for anti-air, but I’ll give it a try. I don’t to use too many EX moves because I prefer his Super, but we’ll see.

Anti air is dependant on the angle their coming in from, you just have to remember it.
Close to in front of you = b.HK
On top of you = b.MP or EX yoga blast
In between i generally use EX yoga blast

I don’t think Dhal is particularly disadvantaged online, he doesn’t rely on long exact comboes that are usually messed up by online

Try to exagerate the Ultra motion a little bit when you use it.

mmm the distance thing makes sense. I guess there’s not much I can do about trading hits with b.HK? Isn’t b.MP also faster?

by exaggerate you mean maybe start with down-back and end with up-forward (before the PPP)?

b.MP is faster but they have to be pretty much on top of you for it to hit

and yeah, but you probably be careful with how far up you go

If you’re getting teleport when you try to ultra, you’re hitting the buttons too early.

If you try moving forward at the beginning before pulling off an ultra, it may register it as a teleport. Stop moving forward first before you trying using an ultra.