Speed of cvs2 and ST

quick question regarding speed of cvs2 and ST. if this is one of those constantly asked questions, sorry. anyways, what’s the speed setting of cvs2 and ST (on SFAC) on the ps2 that would be closest or exact to the arcade/tournaments gameplay? thanks.

Default ST speed is Turbo 3, don’t know about CvS2.

cvs2 is speed 4 for ntsc and speed 5 for 50hz pal.

ST is not AE for lots and lots of reasons, and I’ve heard the speeds are different too.

Default speed for arcade Super Turbo is Free Select Turbo 3.

since we’re on the topic, i have a question about mame emu speeds for:
sft - i heard the default speed for emu is way off on this one.
and cvs2 for dc.
are they all default?

Turbo and ST game speed is (for unknown reasons, that I’m sure Capcom will take to its grave) reliant upon CPU speed. They are emulated (possibly incorrectly, but possibly not) at 12 mhz, but 8 mhz produces the most accurate speed. Kawaks and (I think) FBA both allow CPU speed clocking, but if playing online, these options are not available, and they will default to 12mhz.

CE is emulated accurately, as far as I can tell. CVS2 does seem slow on DC, but possibly if you’re used to a certain arcade’s speed, they have adjusted the speed of their game.

What’s the correct speed for A2 on the ps1?

interesting…so changing speed through dip switches wouldn’t make a difference because those aren’t reliant on mhz? as you can tell, my emu knowledge is really limited.

The “dip switch” speed settings (really, it’s in the diagnostic menu, on the cps-2 and naomi games in question in this thread) are based on game speed. So, setting ST to turbo 3 at default (12 mhz) will run it at turbo 3 based on the 12 mhz (or “too fast”) speed. Setting it to turbo 3, with the CPU clock adjusted to 8 mhz will run it at turbo 3, based on 8 mhz.

Is that what you were asking?

ahh…i see. i just checked, it’s running at 12mhz. do you know how to change the cpu speed? i have mame .67.

It could be because there’s no standard speed for arcade CvS2, even on the same speed setting. The differences are smaller, I believe, than between different speed settings on the same machine, but still noticeable. I think it was Buktooth who mentioned this before.

Interesting. So, even one Naomi GD-ROM system at a certain speed might be different than another GD-ROM system at the same speed? (maybe I mis-read this) Or you just mean that there’s no standard for arcade/tournament play?

^^I don’t believe Mame32k’s allow for CPU clocking. Kawaks and FBA do, tho.

Yeah, the former.

Use Mame 0.64 you hobo.