Speed of Game - Differs every time I plug my controller in?


I have the Panzer Fight Stick III. :o

I was wondering why on every time I plug my controller into my PC ( Running Windows 10 64Bit )

The Game Speed is different ?

Some times be it running a game on *** Ahem *** Emulators like - MAME or PPSSPP

Is this caused by the controller or the Emulators ?



Why do people start threads for one question? Smh


Because that’s what a forum is meant for? Why do people feel the need to be jerks?

Anyway to answer OP, if you’re playing on an emulator that would be the most likely culprit. I’ve noticed on Street Fighter sometimes the game seems like it’s moving really fast and sometimes it feels slower. I think thats just mental though. When you play a long session you get used to the speed and the game “slows down” for you. Think of how pro football players always describe making the jump form college to the pros. They have to get used to the speed of the NFL and eventually the game gets slower for them and they can think, move, and react faster. Hope that helps you bud. Later.