Speed up INF's

inf 1. (could be corner only, but it seems like it might work midscreen if you’re quick enough) dash s.Fierce, dash s.Fierce, repeat…also if they call an assist, snap out to launch inf

inf 2. s.jab, cr.medium punch, repeat…good for resets too

inf 3. dash s.jab, s.short. s.forward x 2, dash and repeat…good for pressure

With the first Inf I can only get 3 Hp’s to connect in the corner.

‘SuprioR’-TCH - How many reps are you landing?

oops i forgot, after the 3rd rep (or when you think your opponent is going to hit the ground) hit them with jab before going into another rep. i usually go to 10hits+, after that i try going for resets.

u can also even do dash jab, fierce, and repeate that

Nice - I’ll try it out.