Ok guys gonna start of saying i think Flash is pretty bad in this game, not because of the tools he has but because of how good he is in comparison to other characters.
-Keep Away
-Anti Airs
-Meterless Damge
-Reversals/Wake up option blah blah blah

But he does have some tools.
I going to try put up video, focusing on what he can do and his potential. Gonna need some help. at the moment i have found some stuff like
-38% Meterless combo
-Restand Reset
-Cross up over heads etc

I have one video up at the moment, if anyone finds anything please post here and let the rest of us know and bounce ideas of each other. Thanks.







Nice vid. Been looking for some more combos from the more awkward positions in the game. Like when his cross up game doesn’t work like on Bane and my trait is recharging. Really it’s mostly because my trait is recharging.

It’s the Speedforce btw.

Wow, Flash thread is dead…why is this character so underrated?