Speeding ticket

I just got a ticket for going 65 on a 55 freeway. I’m sorry but that is just ridiculous imo. Anybody wanna share similar experiences or disagree with me?

Its pretty ridiculous that you got caught.

Pay it up foo’

Speed limit is 55.
You were doing 65.
I see nothing wrong here…

If you want to start a moral debate on whether or not 10mph over is something worth a ticket, you’re not going to get anywhere. If no cop would pull you over for 10mph over, then the posted speed limit would be 10mph higher.

You were over the posted speed limit and got a ticket… What’s so ridiculous about this concept?

You was speeding.

Highlight it…
He made the font colour black.

Ticket for 65?! That’s ridiculous! I mean, at least get one worth making a post for…20+ MPH or higher over posted speed limit!

You should’ve told the officer go to on and write you up for 125, post your face wanted dead or alive. If you can’t hack this, then they definitely need to take your license and all that jive because brother, you just can’t drive 55.

But you can rock on : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvV3nn_de2k


Usually the cop shouldn’t stop you unless it’s about 10 miles over the limit. This happened to me once… BUT! In RI, if you haven’t had any traffic violations for 3 years, you get a “get of jail free” card every 3 years. All you do is claim guilty with good driving record and FREEEEEEEEE! That was a year ago so I gotta be clean for another 2.

There was this cute ass blonde chick who I forgot what her ticket was for, but anyways the judge was like “Make sure this doesn’t happen again.” and she was off.

The reason why i came here and posted this thread was because I was fuming and it was about 4 in the morning here in hawaii. i can’t be waking people up lol so I came here to vent. I will always have strong opinions when it comes to driving, speed, and cops but after reading some of your post, I’m just gonna pay my fine and keep my mouth closed. I know now, keeping quiet will be for the best. thanks a lot shoryuken;)

I got bagged going 21 over, 5 years ago. I decided to fight it in the hopes of taking defensive driving and keeping my insurance rates where they were.

Instead, it fell through the cracks. Never got a court date. I’ve renewed my license since and everything.

Been pulled over 10 times in 11 years. 1 DWI, 1 ticket, 8 passes.

Don’t drink and drive. It’s a criminal offence now, not just a moving violation.

I’ve been hit for 5 over and staring at the cop dead in the eyes while speeding along, on my way to work…

Because I wanted to be late and essentially work for free that day… Good stuff.

Well in southern cali everyone drives at least 10mph over the speed limit, so yeah that sounds kinda dumb. I usually just drive a speed that’s in line with the cars around me, which is usually 70 on average. But since it was 4 am i suppose it was super obvious that you were speeding, and hence were caught. Plus the cop probably needed to fill his ticket quota, if that urban myth is actually true.

if you feel you didn’t deserve a ticket for going 10 over, you could always punch out the cop the next time you see him

then you’ll deserve it for sure

some of you guys are either just doing the internet troll thing, or just thick in the head.

Its pretty customary in most places to go up to 10 miles over the speed limit - especially in high way situations. Speed trap cameras are actually set for 11 miles over the speed limit - not the speed limit. Now that 10mph over is also relative, so going 25 in a 15 is different than 65 in a 55. If you got pulled over at 65, then there is prolly a little more to the story, you may no be aware of it, he maybe having a bad day - or you did a maneuver he didn’t like or you created an unsafe condition…something that makes it stand out.

My only story worth mentioning…

Goin to work @ corp near Dulles Airport. I’m going in early cause I had a shit ton of work to do. I avoid the major roads typically and was on the last leg to work, it was about 2 miles away. The road I’m on shifts several times…quickly from retail/shopping center - to residential - and back again. The speed limit is typically 45 except in residentials - which is 35. This makes sense and I don’t have a quarrel with it. It’s early I’m headed to work so my head is focused on what I’m doing at work, so I’m not analyzing the signs - I’ve done the drive tons of times - I know where I need to be slow.or.fast.

So I leave a shopping center part going into a residential. I slow down accordingly. I know the speed jumps back up ten miles per hour so at the approprite time I gas a little to stay where I should be, but heads in the cloud, I didn’t realize I hadn’t reached the 45mph sign. I get pulled over half a block from the 45 mph sign…going 45 mph…by a cop sitting half a block from the sign. So I’m watching him write up a ticket while I’m just staring at the sign.

Yes I’m still salty. Especially since my record was pretty damn clean…its the only moving violation on my record actually.

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I got pulled over for doing 20 over in a construction zone. Got off with a warning.
I’m just as suprised as you are.

Isn’t this like a lot?

10 times in 11 years? In 11 years I’ve been pulled over twice, and out of those two times, only once was for a moving violation.

Hope you didn’t plea guilty.

Got caught going 105 in a 70 a few years ago. $527 ticket.

Learned my lesson. lol