Speeding up Denjin, Am I doing it wrong?

I only notice a slight difference in the time to charge, its barely noticable, but everywhere I read says it makes a huge difference. Am I doing something wrong ?.

The only way I know is to rotate the joystick really fast

Thats what I am doing, though its only making a little (barely noticable) difference. Im rotating toward my opponent, as if I was going to do a spinning Piledriver.

So the direction you rotate the stick matters?

Do you really need to rotate? This because i only wiggle the stick left and right…

Wow, I didn’t even know you could speed up Denjin.

Just rotate the stick in a circular fasion in either direction. You just have to do it super fast. For me its noticeable.

forgive me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it the eaxact same as mashing? Like, to mash a throw, or get out of dizzy?

If rotating is the best, wouldn’t it also be for these other things?

Never knew this

if u cancel a lp.shoryuken into denjin -rotate stick fast and u can get it fully charged on opponents wake up.

Rotating fast give you alot more inputs than just wabbling the stick randomly. I assume the game is just looking for inputs when you charge the denjin and yes I would assume the same would go for breaking throws.

You can mash the buttons a bit while rotating too. Generally my difficulty isn’t in fully charging it, but in charging it too fast and firing it off before they get up; I tend to charge it slowly after an srk, then mash like heck right before they stand up.

Well, there are two things to consider…

Is it the same as other mashing situations? Mashing a throw? Mashing to get out of dizzy? etc?

…and if so, what is the best way to mash this stuff? Most people wiggle and mash the buttons right?

no one charges denjin faster than me.

it’s because i jerk off a lot.

spinning the stick is how you charge denjin but if you wiggle left/right, it cahrges it up also because it’s considered small circles. But it doesnt charge with every wiggle

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