Speedy Gonzalez movie


So long as he steals the dames from the other mice than I’d be fine with it…

Needs more Slowpoke Rodriguez: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slowpoke_Rodriguez

why do they keep calling speedy racist? mexicans loved him more than anyone…lol i love people who get too politically correct. when they took speedy off latinos were mad cuz he was their only hero.

How can Speedy still be enjoyed if he is not doing racist things? That’s what everyone loves about him. Racism is a beautiful, hilarious thing. Why is there so much need to get rid of it these days?

George Lopez will be providing the voice of a young boy/mouse? What?

Also I definitely think Leno is being challenged by Lopez for the most unfunny man in late night. It is STAGGERING how lame this guy is.

Nothing is going to make people more racist against Mexicans than a live action/CG update of Speedy Gonzales.

I mean, fuck, I knew George Lopez was tied to this before I clicked this thread.

Wooo! This is Lopez Too Nite! Lemme tell yall something man.

fuck george lopez. dude thinks he’s cesar chavez or something ever since he got the george lopez show. I’m mexican and I don’t know anybody that has a problem with speedy gonzalez. We love that guy, no homo. I dare anybody to goto any high school in the barrio and try to find a track team that doesn’t have atleast one person nicknamed speedy gonzalez.

Speeds was the shit. Much cooler than Tweety.

My prediction? This will fail. Miserably.

Was Speedy a stereotype? Without hesitation, yes. Problem is, that’s a part of just what made the character popular.

A ‘PC’ Speedy is a neutered Speedy, and nobody wants that.

friggan this.

I’m not even Mexican and I loved Speedy, much more than that uppity, non charismatic fuckin’ Roadrunner.

Just when you thought they couldn’t screw with anymore of your childhood, I see this. Why they gotta make some watered down, bitchass version of EVERYTHING now? I just KNOW I’m gonna like this about as much as I would like a tazer to the balls, but I’m sure I’ll watch it anyway. Really. All these PC fucks need to worry about something important, or just leave the rest of us alone.


ya know normally id say fail too but with the success of both chipmunk movies…i clearly cant predict the idiocy of kids.

I was thinking how awesome the movie would be if it was about speedy gonzalez running away from la migra. i could have been like a looney tunes version of the fugitive. damn you george lopez! :mad:

George Lopez’s standup is actually pretty decent. However, in order to understand and appreciate his humor, you pretty much have to be Mexican or have to have grown up in a predominantly Hispanic/Mexican area. Seeing as though he pretty much caters to one audience, looking at it from an unbiased perspective somewhat dilutes the quality of his material. I’d like to see him at least ONE standup that isn’t filled with recycled stereotypes and Mexican coloquialisms before I can give him the credit of being a more versatile comedian and not dependent on gimmicks.

In regards to the Speedy Gonzalez thing, I think its a terrible idea to want to make a “P.C.” Speedy. Like a lot of Mexicans, I never fully understood how this rendition of a Mexican mouse was so unacceptable. I’m all for stereotypes actually, but the irony is that there are other shows and networks out there that glorify stereotypes and actually get away with it (BET being the best example I can think of).

relevant: [media=youtube]4SiQJ2lx_2k[/media]

marijuana que fumarrrrrrr

black people dont watch bet…without the basement wit big tiggah we have no reason to.

The old WB shows weren’t racists; they just found really clever ways of using satire under the noses of everybody. The shows blatantly have cross dressing, constantly make fun of rednecks, have a huge amount of homosexual themes.

BTW, i definitely could be wrong on all this but, it is my damn dire recollection on the whole thing. Speedy was just fun.

oh hell yeah some of them were…you can youtube the banned ones.

I’ll check those out later, I’m in the middle of studying for a linguistics test tomorrow. But it is definitely something to review.