Spencer neutral game



Hi, I’m a fairly new player at least when it comes to playing against other people and I recently found out that I have no idea how to play this game when not comboing. Are there any rudimentary mixups that one can do with Spencer/Doom/Sentinel? Thanks in advance.


This may seem painfully obvious after you hear but, if you run the beam assist with Doom, you could call that and zip in behind as they block. This is more or less part of the foundation of assist mix-ups, so it’s nothing fancy nor character specific. Don’t forget to experiment! You can use this (generally) in any team… depending on assists, so go nuts my friend!

Warning: You can easily get exposed if (and when) a player adapts properly/already has knowledge of this trick.

(quick edit: I find that in the neutral game you can confuse using assits and defensive zips. For some reason a lot of players tend to open themselves up instead of watching/thinking/waiting. Be careful to not run into stuff, you’ll <usually> die.)


Get close and make your opponent block your assist, sentinel drones is a good one to keep them locked down. Then go for mixups, you can go low, overhead, command grab or frame traps. Each one of these options has advantages and disadvantages, keep that in mind.

Also, keep playing. Neutral game usually gets better over time when you’re playing against people.


What do you guys use for your block strings? I know standing H and the overhead are safe on block–should I just use c. l, m, standing h/overhead? What about frame traps?


Overhead is not safe on block(-2), it’s a free throw pretty much every time since Spencer lunges right into his opponent.


Oh wow thanks. The fingercramp tutorial on youtube said it was so that’s where I got that idea from. I’ll stick to standing H then.