Spencer Tshirt



Just wondering, would anyone here be interested in something like this?



First thing I thought when seeing the topic was “If it isn’t Spencer doing a Bionic Lancer it’s not worth it” lol. Like the design of Spencer, but the cross/globe etc is kinda weird.


lol thanks. The cross/globe was just a quick watermark. Yeah I wanted to make a shirt similar to Yipes curley mustache shirt but at the same time represent the Spencer players especially at tournaments.


I like and I would buy, but I’d want some color in there.


I would get that shirt!


I’ll give it a couple more days but it doesnt look like too many people here are interested lol. As of now, my plans are just to make a very limited amount and share it between three forums that I frequent at. One will sure be SRK. When I say limited, I mean like maybe 5 tops for SRK lol. So make sure to post your size so I can make the right amount for the size.


You wouldn’t have the resources to make women’s t-shirts, would you?

I assume not, but I figure I’d ask anyway.


I will definitely look into it just for you because you’ve help a lot in the Spencer forum. Right now I’m just seeing if its worth investing into but like I posted above, I might just make a limited run with these shirts. I’ll message you in the near future.


If you make some for here, I’ll buy one. I wear a medium. Are there any color considerations outside white?


is spencer a man of faith or am i just hallucinating that cross in the background


I’m just saying. I would wear this. But I kinda think unisex shirts are real uncomfortable and look bad (unless you get them a size too big in which case they only look bad). I’d totally wear a women’s medium of this though


How much would one run for anyways?


I’m open to suggestions. Feel free to post and ill check and get back with you or anyone.

lol it was just a quick watermark

No price yet, I made the thread just to see if there is an interest and if I should make the investment. It wont cost an arm or a leg though, I’ll be sure to have a reasonable price.

I guess for now if you are interested be sure to post what size you prefer so I can take a note of it.


A orange or blue shirt (that’s in order of preference) would be radical, though I would purchase a white (or black with white decal) version if that were the only offer available. Just let me know and I’ll work out a payment. Thanks a bunch!


sign me up for one as well. any possibility of adding the bionic logo to the back of the shirt? either way let me know and ill throw money at you!

ill take a medium please.


sign me up for a medium though some more color would be nice


Same here. Looks good for sure. I’m ready to throw money at you haha.

I’d like an XXL (I like loose shirts) if possible.


If you ever release them I’d grab a large.


I would want that in a large


I’d want that in X-large.