Spencer Vergil Neutral Game and Mixup Synergy



Team I’m temporarily tinkering with is Spencer Vergil Wesker. Spencer point gets 2 meter Thor TOD’s from anywhere on the screen. If that doesn’t work, we all know how Vergil/Wesker works.
My problem with this team is I’m unsure of all the tricks Spencer has on point with the other two.

w/ Vergil
Typically I’ll call rapid slash and zipline in with an H in case I get airgrabbed. If I land earlier, and they are still in blockstun, I’ll just raw overhead since this hits way more than doing an entire LMH string into overhead. I think you can L or M grapple when rapid slash hits and is carrying them away from you if well timed.

w/ Wesker
Basically he’s just there to help me get an easy up grapple and corner carry without needing GX loops. I’m wondering about setups for unblockables. I tried doing c.L, c.M+samurai edge, H, up forward zipline, falling jM and that hits at approximately the same time as Samurai edge, but the button pressing combination feels quite unnatural (haven’t practiced it much). Just wondering if it’s viable or can get blown up during the up forward zip and get happy birthday’d by a masher.

So what else do they have? Also are there any players to watch, that play Spencer with Vergil. I know Justin played it with Frank anchor but just for a short while so there’s rarely any footage of it.


Watch yipes play he has a lot good stuff with those two. That’s how I learned to play spencer/Vergil/hawkeye. There really isn’t much tech for getting in with those two. But theres some really good combo extensions and incoming mix ups that set up for command grab. And you can kill most characters off those if your in the corner. Just watch yipes I can’t remember all of the tech I haven’t played that team in a while. Hope that helps :slight_smile: