Spencer's Cr. L



So I’ve been experimenting with Spencer and I seem to be losing a lot of Cr. L spam battles to other characters (low priority on it). Anyone else notice this? I ran a few games vs. my friend and I noticed it losing to Wesker, Felicia, Morrigan, and Wolverine. I’m sure there are more but that’s just the sample that I have so far. Generally I spam Cr. L with almost every other character to get the confirm, but it seems like a bad strategy with Spencer.


:eek: Spamming crouching short is a terrible strategy with Spencer, I find.

It’s funny that I gravitated toward him in this game, because every character in every game I play can’t spam crouching short and usually loses crouching short battles.

Crouching short is how to beat me in any game, by the way.

I do find, however, that Spencer’s crouching short has pretty good priority. It’s just very VERY slow and maybe doesn’t have the range it should (or the range that you’re expecting). I wouldn’t recommend using it as a meaty option, either, because its active frames don’t warrant the risk. For an :l: move, it’s pretty horrendous and markets itself as one of those “good hit confirms when you confirm that you’ll hit” buttons, if that makes sense.

In terms of speed, you’ll always get beat out by other crouching shorts. In terms of range, there are plenty of lows that will also beat you to the punch (WHY DOES WESKER’S 2B HIT LOW?!). If you actually meet another crouching short with your own, however, I find Spencer usually wins and the counterhit is good enough for a confirm into your high damage whatever. In fact, this is the only way I use the move–if I sense a very obvious incoming crouching short, I try to space and time it so that I can beat out theirs and continue into a combo from the counterhit. As you can imagine in a game like Marvel, this isn’t “strategy” as much as it is “a desperate way to make this move useful.”

The move’s not useless.

But it’s useless.


That’s because it is. His L’s in general are just ‘okay’. Standing L is an okay anti-air and you can chain them into each other. Crouching L is good if you’re doing crossups and you want to make sure you’re hitting after you landed a j. S, or go into a blockstring with cr.L, cr. M, H and possibly into f+H for an overhead.

It’s just not fast enough to warrant much use outside of hit-confirming. You’re much better off going with his great air normals, specifically j.S and j.H, j.L for sneaky diagonal zipline overhead strategies, or j.M for the instant overhead on Sentinel.
Or on the ground, st. M and H are great far-reaching normals, H gives you frame advantage on block. Cr. M is a pretty ghetto anti-air but it doesn’t hit low. Cr. H hits low and is a pretty nice sweep but gives you frame disadvantage on block, -2 if I’m not mistaken. Spencer’s L’s outside of a couple uses for his air L aren’t really spectacular.


I mean, it is his fastest, most combo-friendly low. It’s easy to dash in with against someone you already have blocking from a jump-in or assist. Strictly speaking it is a pretty bad poke though.


I HATE this move! Really, the only way it connects is when I train people to look for the overhead, then I move in and hit low. And more often than not, the opponent just jumps out to avoid the mix-up (although it usually leads to an airthrow for me).


It does its job, but dont be shocked if it loses out. only good when you have advantage.


Spencer’s jabs and shorts takes forever to come out. Once you’ve played Wesker or Wolverine for a while, you begin to pull your hair out with Spencer. But as mentioned a few months ago, the range on his normals are really good or it pulls your opponent in with each hit.