Spencers OTG Air Grapple Line

Hiya guys, I am new here, and am an achievement collector, while Fighting games are not ideal for my hobby due to their difficulty, I have to admit, I do still buy them regardless as I have always enjoyed them. I am a XBOX DPAD user, I have tried sticks many times in the past, but just can’t use them I am unsure why, but they feel so unnatural to me.

I have 288/320 trials done for MVC3 (Not Ultimate - although I do own it as well) and am really struggling to get any more completed, most ones remaining are everyones 8,9,10 trial, the hardest, obviously. Anyways…

I am currently working on Spencer, and instead of stewing in a rage over why things wont work, I decided to register here and simply ask!! I can nail his combo, I think it is trial 7 or 8, but the last step of the combo requires me to launch in the air and hit a M,M,H,S combo, followed by an OTG Air Grapple. I was trying to link this all in one motion, but looking on youtube, its easier to actually land from the air combo, then jump up again quickly and hit the Grapple Line, but my problem is this…

I land from the air combo, and am required to do U (Jumpo) D,DF,F,H (OTG Grapple Line) real fast, I just dont have the speed to nailing this execution, is there anything I can do to speed up my pad movements, maybe a buffer I don’t know about. I am alright at fighting games, but very casual, I only learned about buffering AFTER completing all the SF4 trials (took me over a year).

So in essence, I need to jump up and perform a Hadoken motion for example, as close to the floor as possible.

It’s called a Tiger Knee input. If you stick around long enough to continue looking at combos, anytime you see the notation TK, or read anyone talking about needing to “tiger knee it,” this is what they’re referring to.

Instead of jumping and then doing the input ( :u::qcf::h:), you do the input for the grapple first (minus the :h:) and follow it with :uf: (delay until you’re off the ground):h: . So when put together, it’s going to look like this * :qcf::uf:(slight delay):h:*. It’s essentially a way for you to buffer a command before a jump to allow you to perform the move as close to the ground as possible.

Ahh, thanks, that’s genius, do you happen (or anyone else) to have any tips for going from a crouching attack directly into a Shoryuken. I find when doing a crouch hit then linking to a F,D,DF hit I tend to go all spazzy and end up doing D,DF,F results.

:eek: Just have to pace yourself and find the pattern. It takes very little time if you focus on it–there’s no super snazzy shortcut, really.

Actually, there is one, but it’s actually harder to do than a normal crouching move into a DP.

You can press :f:, then :d: and press your attack button to do a crouching attack, then :df: and another attack button for the DP.

This all happens pretty quickly, so you can see how it might actually be harder than just a regular attack into a DP.

If you take your time with it, you’ll find that the regular motion is not terribly difficult but that it does require focus.