Spending too much time in training mode


As the title suggest, I spend too much time practicing. I often go several hours/sessions without fighting anybody during this time.
I know practice is part of the whole, but not putting it to use doesn’t help me get better.
I just seem to have an obsession with training execution (USF4 was a glorious mess for me, lemme tell you :P)

How should I go about this mindset? Should I make a schedule for myself where I play like 2-3 ranked matches every 20 minutes or so?
I remember hearing PR Rog say that you shouldn’t practice the same thing for too long. Revisit it and you’ll see better improvement.
Sure, he talks about practice, but playing a match is a form of training too, isn’t it?


When I’ve practised something new in training mode, I usually hop online and see if I can do it (or if it works in the case of learning a setup). Maybe do something like that? You can always just turned on fight requests and wait for challengers in training mode.


Training mode is good for a lot more than execution, and in SFV combos are so much easier I don’t think training them will be necessary after maybe a month of playing a character.

After any match where an opponent does something you don’t know how to deal with, the first thing you should do is go into training mode and set up the same situation. This way you will learn counters to specific things quickly rather than by grinding thousands of matches to gain the same understanding by trial and error. In other words, you spend time in training mode to gain time playing at a higher level.


Certainly. I know about this stuff. Still, I feel like I’m just overdoing it. I see improvement, I’m just worried that I don’t put myself in match situations enough.


Well, I guess you can overdo anything, but the main point I was trying to make is that training mode can be either extremely helpful or somewhat pointless depending on how you use it.

If all you’re doing in training mode is working on combos and you spend 50% or your time there, that’s not really helping. If you’re working on setups, meaties, frame traps, situations from your recorded matches, etc., then you could probably spend 50% or more of your time there and level up faster.


Don’t worry, whenever I get into a new situation, I go revisit it in training mode :slight_smile:
Like back in USF4 when I didn’t know if I could punish Oni’s Ultra 2 if I started an EX Uppercut right before the animation started (turns out you can).

I’m just concerned about not “fighting” enough. I’ll try out this 20 minute rule and see where it goes.


Let me know how that goes for you dude, I think it’s a good idea. I’ve had that same mindset for as long as I can remember, lol. I kind of think it’s the reason that I was so bad at some of the games I’ve played, like Marvel and such.


So why don’t you just turn on fight request while you are in training mode?