Spider-Bite Comes Out Randomly?



Hey all,

I love Spidey, but does anyone notice how his Spider-Bite follow up after Spider Sting only half-works? I mash on H but it is extraordinarily inconsistent. It’s insanely obnoxious to do a web throw loop combo only to have it utterly sabotaged by this retarded tendency.

Any tips for getting it to connect consistently? Does this type of thing occur as a result of hitstun scaling?



Don’t mash. Mashing only messes up timing combos, especially with Spidey who requires some strict timing with extended combos.

You only have 6 frames to input :h: to get the sting. I don’t have any problems with timing bite but if you use different strengths, you may have some problems but it still should be so much of an issue. Spider sting does add a good amount to HSD so if you use it after a long combo, you’d get your opponent to flip even with a quick :l: sting/bite.


Mashing works at times, and seems to be effective earlier in combos, yet later in my combos it tends to be more inconsistent. Any tips?



Mashing is exacly your problem. You need to know when to exactly press for bite to come at the earlier available frames of sting rather than just mashing for it to come out.

Don’t mash, know when to press for bite. You miss a few frames when you mash inputs.


Mashing only works online during lag other than that you can press :h: after you here Spidey finish saying “sting” or the moment you register his foot is off the ground. Raoh is correct about the mashing. You skip two frames I believe it was when you mash.