Spider graph "tier list"

General consensus seems that I need to split Reversals and AAs. I think Reversals might could stand by their own but I only want 7-8 total categories, so I’ll keep AA’s and other pressure tools together. Does that sound good?

That plus adding the match up offset will bring this to 7 values. Anyone have a link for the match up grid?

Maybe combine AA and Zoning? Since you know, they similar and all

I like to over think and miss the obvious. Thanks.

Instead of complaining , try watching some KEIKE DESORA … you must put in work to be good with a character , no matter how bad/good he is … the dude is crazy with gouken , for every character there is a sick player , try getting pointers instead of crying , thats what i ment

EDIT: I also saw a match from him recently , he won an entire match without throwing a single fireball lol

Desora, Bullcat, Proud Strawberry and Kyo Anton are some of the most viewed gouken players in replay channels… and they’re the proof that Gouken sucks.

I for one really like this idea. In no way will it form a “written-in-stone” type of tier-list of any kind, but I enjoy stats, even if potentially flawed.

I view this as more of a rating of a characters tools and potential in a vacuum than any form of “most likely to win a tournament”-chart.
It is in fact exactly like the reason you point out yourself that it may help people new to fighting games or just new to SF4 itself pick a character suited to their style.

On to the criticism. I do think its really hard to determine what factors go into a graph like this, and some will feel parts are arbitrary ( some will have to be ). Picking categories will be hard, and I do feel there are factors in the games mechanic that are not noted here, such as meter-dependability and turnaround potential. Then again this is the kind of stuff that sometimes only counts in certain matchups. Best advice is just to get as much input as possible, and take it from there.

I have a friend who is a turtle by nature in every game, but he has never found his character in SF4. Hes been trying Ken and Juri to no avail , while Ive suggested others. However if this chart manages to convince to pick lets say Balrog, then it has at the very least led someone in A direction, and thats gotta count for something, right?

Seriously, good stuff. Looking forward to it`s completion.

The old terms were just fine.

Why does Bison have a 4 in “mix-up” ?

I mentioned meter dependency in one of the threads. I’m considering breaking it down to two graphs so that there can be a larger number of categories while retaining clarity. I think that will only be necessary if there are more than 8 though. Learning curve, and meter dependency are two I want to add.

If I do that the charts could handle 16 variables and still be clear. Although that in itself might detract from the purpose and overwhelm my audience. Although there could be a tree system, where each category has 2 or more variables that are rated and averaged to determine the score. That way the data can be scaled based on the knowledge of the viewer.

Honestly I thought I had him at 3. I completely reformatted manually, I probably transposed or just plain fucked up. What do you feel it should be?

What I posted is not whining or complaining. His toolset is what it is. That there’s maybe 4 or 5 guys on youtube who overcome it isn’t surprising. Let me know if you have anything to say that’s not just insults, but rather has actual legitimate points.

I wasn’t insulting , sorry if it sounded like that , I ment to say is that whichever character you pick up (with exceptions) you have to put in a lot of work and time to learn , if you feel like you dont have tools , then make some

Bison’s mix up is basically a throw or a block string…non-existent in other words.

2-2.5 I’d say, he does walk fast, which makes his tick throw game more effective.

Bison’s mixup game is pretty good, he just doesn’t do any damage for correct guesses. He has good stuff with his ambiguous jumpins, crossup psycho crushers, his walk speed, and his frame trap ability.

Chart just updated with new data, and new categories. Viability coming from the daigo, Mago, and Tokido tier list from forever ago. I assigned a numerical value to each alpha rating and averaged the 3 ratings for each character… best we have right now.

Your Blanka numbers are pretty bad.

You have him on the same level of mixup as Yang, but say he is a worse zoning/aa character than Yang when that’s what Blankas strengths really are. Outside of his unblockables Blanka’s mixups are pretty crappy.

Sakura numbers are also really screwy. Her damage potential is 3.5? She’s one of the 5 hardest hitting characters in the entire game midscreen.

I looked at two of the characters I know a fair amount and it seems that their numbers were arbitrarily decided so I’m having trouble how you ascertain these values.

AA value has nothing to do with how hard a character is to jump at, zoning only seems to relate to fireballs, and mixup seems to revolve around some mystery factor.

Let me direct you to the first line of this thread:

“Just a little something I threw together. The data is very suspect as I am a casual player; or a scrub if you like.”

And the second:

“I plan on requesting in each character forum for input on ratings in each categories, ideally a single representative from each forum will present me with the general consensus.”

Also, I’ve played 95% Dan since SF4 dropped… All of my data is anecdotal, and is heavily skewed by the lens of playing Dan. Blankas confound me to no end and I steamroll Sakuras. Mystery solved.

I’ll make threads in both of those sub forums right now, I hope to see you contribute to the discussion.

You need to compare characters to one another instead of just assigning them numbers, and I don’t trust you to sort out what numbers to assign.

This is an interesting concept but I think for this to be done properly you’d need someone who knows the game very well, which you don’t.

Just noticed Bison’s reversal at 2, do you even watch this game? lol

“I plan on requesting in each character forum for input on ratings in each categories, ideally a single representative from each forum will present me with the general consensus.”

I’m looking for each character sub forum to elect the person they think is most qualified to determine numbers for that specific character. Now fuck off.

Having individuals giving an opinion for one character is faulty because the numbers have to be based off of the other characters, and people are going to over/underrate certain characters.

If you were to massage those numbers based off of your own experiences which is what I would do after I had no 5’s and the rare 4, I would be confident that I know enough about the game.

Yeah I know, fuck off, I don’t know what I’m talking about, blahblahblah.