Spider-Man-Deadpool Timing Dilemma



My team usually consists of Spider-Man-Deadpool-Ryu. Often, if Ryu’s not next (You can Kamehamehadoken into just about anything), I’ll DHC into Deadpool’s Trigger Happy after the end of a Maximum Spider, before Spidey & the opponent hit the ground; sometimes to get Spidey out of a bad situation, but mostly just so I can get a bit of extra damage with Deadpool, especially when the opponent’s on the edge of death.

Now, when I DHC into Trigger Happy from Maximum Spider before they hit the ground, the opponent usually goes into a mid-air spin and only gets hit by the latter 1/4 or 1/3 of Trigger Happy on the way down.

However, there are very random times over the past few months, where SOMEHOW, the opponent ends up right in front of Deadpool, when I DHC into Trigger Happy, right before they actually hit the ground, resulting in them getting hit by the full brunt of it.

I’ve tried to work on the timing of this and tried to do intentionally, but it just doesn’t seem to work. If I try it on purpose, I either have the usual scenario happen or I DHC too late, where the opponent is already on the ground and it misses. I’ve tried to analyze it, but here doesn’t seem to be any clear indicator on how far down Spider-Man is into the last hit of Maximum Spider before it hits the ground. Every time it’s happened so far, I was just doing it the usual way, so I’m not sure why something different and more effective like this has happened the very few times it has. I was wondering if anybody could possibly help me out on figuring out any sort of clue on how to actually get this to happen on a regular basis since it would greatly improve how much damage I can dish out in DHC situations.

Any ideas guys?


Try to check the difference between the DHC from a grounded MS and an air one then try to work from there (ex. from sj height after web swing, after web throw, after ground bouce, etc.). Other than that, I think it’s just the same as getting Doom’s sphere flame and Sent’s plasma storm to fully hit which is all about timing.


I tried that and from what I remember it yielded no difference (Admittedly, I haven’t actually had a chance to play this game in weeks and barely in the past few months so I haven’t been trying it out lately).

I’ve tried but I can’t seem to find any sort of indication or mental countdown that applies to Maximum Spider between the last hit and the end. Timing is key but I don’t seem to know what the key is. Even DHCing really late and not missing seems to have the same result as usual.


I had this issue trying to go from maximum spider into proton cannon. If you hit a grounded opponent with maximum spider, then dhc immediately after the last hit, the opponent will be right in front of you for your next super. If you hit an airborne opponent then dhc, then the last hit of maximum spider will leave them up in the air, and a lot of dhc options will whiff. Basically, the opponent stays exactly where they were on screen when spidey got the first hit of maximum spider. There is a tiny window after the last hit of a maximum spider on an airborne opponent and the time when spidey hits the ground where you can try to time a happy trigger to catch the falling opponent, but it’s a really small window that I found really hard to time consistently.


Okay, that sounds interesting, I’ll definitely give that a shot the next time I’m able to play UMVC3, which is hopefully soon.

That really screws me over though, 90% of my Maximum Spiders are from either DHCs or airborne… =/

That doesn’t really make sense though… The last hit of Maximum Spider jump them up? Not hits them down? @_@


Tried it a bunch of times recently, but I just can’t get that to work using that method… In fact, it seems to make the problem worse and the opponent gets hit less than usual timing it like that… =/


Oh sorry, I didn’t mean that was a solution. Just saying I had a hard time going from max spider into proton cannon, so I imagine going into happy trigger is even harder. My “solution” to that problem was just ending my spidey combos with a launch, then TACing into iron man for an extended fly swag combo that ends in proton canon, then dhcing back to spidey. For your team, since deadpool doesn’t have great tac options, I’d just try to end my spidey combos with crawler assault, then dhcing to happy trigger.


Older topic but I also run Spidey / Deadpool from time to time…

Basically, Superhiro is right about the window. It is VERY small and is hard to time. If you want to go for that combo, you have to wait until Spidey hits with that last kick, and then time it to DHC during the very beginning (like, the VERY beginning) of when the pause ends and the opponent starts that spinning airborne state afterwards. It comes down to a frame-by-frame for how high in the air they’ll be, with (as far as I remember) there being an arc in timing where the opponent will be lower, then higher, then lower. It’s probably a 1 or 2 frame link with really arbitrary and memory based timing to get most beam hypers to connect in full… I’ve even got Captain America’s Stars and Stripes DHC to connect in full afterwards, although very inconsistently. The timing is hard enough that at the moment, I would NEVER try it in a real match with any character that doesn’t have a good upwards DHC like Hawkeye, Ryu, etc.

For Deadpool specifically, (depends on how much hit stun you’ve built, which bounces you’ve used, resources available etc.) I like to do Maximum Spider > whiff Cuttin’ Time DHC> Katanarama > Chimichangas, and follow up with an air series into whatever you want. Or if there’s too much hit stun, just whiff Cuttin’ Time > Katanarama > Chimichangas > THC / DHC depending on who you want to have in at the end of the combo (and how important the extra damage points between Maximum Spider and Crawler Assault are).