Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


Don’t know if you saw this…

Literally, The Boy Who Collected Spider-Man


So I take it Gauntlet arc is over/concluding with this final chapter?
Also holy flying shit at the events of the latest issue of Amazing.


So um no mentions of what happened in the most recent issue of Amazing? Those last few pages definitely a HOLY SHIT moment for me.


^Oh yeah I liked the latest issue myself [spoiler=]I think Kraven will be pissed off at his family for reviving him[/spoiler]


[spoiler=]So no more Kaine then? I’m pretty sure it was Kaine that got stabbed.[/spoiler]

I think all the ASM/JQ haters that used to love ASM should jump back on now. The last 2 issues been pretty good.


Check the second player below for an awesome podcast interview with Greg Weisman!


recently colored this ultimate spider-man picture by david lafuente


Great interview with Rick Hoberg who worked on the cartoons Spider-Man And His Friends, The Incredible Hulk (80’s) and is also working on the new Avengers cartoon!

SPIDER-FRIENDS.COM - Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends - Dennis Marks Interview 6/02

Also a podcast interview with Dan Slott regarding his upcoming solo ASM run.


Pretty close to Big Time. I stopped reading around OMIT. It didn’t really grab me as much as I thought it would. Hoping Big Time keeps me hype. Any news on it other than the teasers?


Don’t think there’s been any new info about it really. I’m hyped about it too since Slott’s BND ASM stories are the only ones I like give or take. Curious to find out what Spider-Man’s new dream job will be, what’s up with the new Hobgoblin and the reasons behind him getting a new Spidey suit.

As an aside that’s pretty awesome that the new suit Spider-Man gets in Big Time will also be available in Marvel vs. Capcom 3.


Hobby has always been my favorite Spider-Man villain, I was happy to see a new one has decided to come out and play. Plus the sword! What a cool idea, overall he has a more medieval look that I think helps set him further apart from the Green Goblin look, and a more hands on Hobby would be neat.

While I don’t understand it, nor do I think it will be around long, I actually like Peter’s new outfit to an extent and am curious what it will do in terms of his scientific abilities.


Yeah I kind of understand the new look.

When I was a kid we didn’t have a Green Goblin because he was dead so Hobgoblin was my generation’s Green Goblin. He was basically a color swap for GG. But now that Green Goblin and Norman are back in the comics we don’t need another variant of Green Goblin. I think that was the mistake with Menace.

Anyway it’s a good idea to ‘Guantlet-ize’ Hobby, but I’m still not sure it was a great idea for characters like Electro, Ock or Lizard. I do like the new version of Ock but mainly because I was never that big a fan of classic Ock.

Still not crazy about Hobby having a flame sword man what’s up with that? :looney: I’ll put my faith in Slott for now and hope for the best. :smile:


Because flaming swords are teh awesome Sano, don’t be old about this. :rofl:

Yeah Gauntlet was…odd. Electro is fine, stylistically Lizard is fine but from a moral stand point he is beyond redemption to me. Doc Ock is weird, I liked the four mechanical arms and then his limbs being a play on it, now he has eight of the damn things and acts really odd.


Speaking of, here’s the preview for ASM #648.

ADVANCE PREVIEW: “Amazing Spider-Man” #648 - Comic Book Resources


LOVE the artwork, reminds me of Ed Mcginnis, who’s artwork was always some of my favorite due to the cartoony but cool look of it.

Slott’s run better impress me, I can’t take much more disappointment from the wall-crawler.


Not to be a double poster or anything, but they added Spectacular Spider-Man to Netflix’s instant watch and I’ve been pretty captivated by it, the action and animation are so fluid, and the different takes on the characters is enjoyable to say the least.

Just hope that the new Ultimate Spider-Man toon is just as good as this.


Paul Dini’s working on Ultimate so that’s a good sign at least. I’ll still don’t think it will be better than Spectacular but I think it will be a good cartoon at the very least.

Still waiting for season 2 of Spectacular Spider-Man to come out on DVD…


Trailer for ASM #648 / Big Time.

VIDEO: “Amazing Spider-Man - Big Time” - Comic Book Resources


Same, think I saw only one episode from that season.

Big time must be a big deal, if it’s getting so much attention. Please be good…


Finally got around to catching up on ASM. Wanted to catch up for Big Time. ( Slott don’t fail me) and I just got through O.m.I.t and I am royally confused now. So mephisto erased Pete and Mary Jane marriage and the civil war un masking never happened. So why did doctor strange come in and erase peters unmasking? And how was that everyone knew his identity when aunt may was in the hospital. Didn’t mephisto save her? And how did everyone k ow his identity if mephisto erased it before one moment in time? How did Fisk know?

Did they erase the whole mephisto fiasco and replace it with doc strange? That’s the only conclusion I was able to make.

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