Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


The unmasking happened. Everyone forgot his identity via magic that happened at the end of the story, IE after Aunt May was saved.

Mephisto made one change by letting Eddie go and that eventually lead to all of the other changes.

Check the Marvel Comics thread for a bunch of links I posted there where Joe Quesada explains the entire thing in five parts. Starting here with post 55571 and continuing on the next page of the Marvel thread. That should clear up most of your cofusion and if it doesn’t, welcome to the club. :rofl:


…It’s still a confusing and really bad story though IMHO. Ah well bring on Big Time.


oh man. Love digging through Joe Q’s mess. This is ridiculous.
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Eh it’s just your typical comic book promotion, dood.
Also that looks like Ramos is the artist for Big Time. His art can be hit or miss, but I’ll be fine with him onboard I think.
Also it seems the spider insignia’s color changes in the new suit; in the trailer it was green and red, if they can have that work with his sprite in MvC3 :wow:


Glad Spectacular Spidey was added to Netflix btw. It was really good. I have all the ep’s but would LOVE the official dvd release of season 2 :frowning:

Josh Keaton is the man. Very glad he was in Shattered Dimensions. Also glad about Nolan North playing Deadpool. Such good VO casting in that game. The only reason I played all the way through it. ( that plus it’s only about an 8hr game)

Very excited for the ultimate Spider-man Series. although my hopes aren’t too high.

I want some solo animated Spider-man feature films. Sort of like, the Hulk Vs. Series that came out last year.


Is it? I’ve only been paying attention to this thread regarding it, thought Marvel might be pushing it a lot more to appease the people who dislike Joe Q’s direction.

Anyways, Sano I know you keep telling me when it hits but yeah that isn’t working, so if you could send me a VM when it drops so I can get it sir and we can discuss Spidey politics like gentlemen.


I’ll scream from the mountain top when it drops man no worries!


You are the best. :rofl:


When IS USM gonna start airing anyway? All I heard was an announcement about it and then…nothing.

And I don’t see why Marvel doesn’t start copying DC and and start making animated movies based on arcs. Big ups to them doing Planet Hulk, but WWH, Kraven’s Last Hunt and some other events would be great movie material.


Fall 2011, I expect it to debut around November myself.


Ultimate Spider-man News.

Most stuff we already knew but a short and reassuring read.

Cort Lane talks “Ultimate Spider-Man” Animated Series - National Spider-Man | Examiner.com

yay BENDIS :slight_smile:

also, efff sony for stopping spectacular spidey.

But Im glad marvel will be able to do cameo’s and apperances from other Marvel chars now. Reminds me of the Ultimate Spider-man game.

johnny storm better show up!!


Iceman too, their comic dynamic recently cracks me the hell up.

I hope they can keep in some of the more intense situations, one of the draws I had with the Ultimates universe in the first place was one minute it could be vibrant and happy go lucky, the next you are physically cringing at what’s on the page before you. It’s a well crafted universe that I want to get back on it’s feet after Loebageddon.


You know, I’d really like to read ASM again, but I honestly don’t know why. It’s probably something to do with the gimmicky costume change. However, after reading that Spider-Man Saga primer, I’m reminded of the generally shitty direction that the title has taken over the past 3-4 years. I’m not going to get my hopes up, but you guys let me know if “Big Time” is any sort of improvement.


It’s probably going in the same direction so if you disliked the primer (granted primers are no way to judge an arc because almost everything in comics sounds stupid if someone just explains it to you as opposed to you reading it yourself) then you will probably dislike Big Time and going forward as well. It’s from one of the writers who was part of the Brain Trust and was more or less down with the general direction the book has gone in, IE the bare bones of what you read in the primer.

Just me I’ve only liked the BND stories Dan Slott has written so now he’s the only writer. I also disliked the lack of consistency whenever they went from writer to writer. I swear if you read Buffy Season 8 you really can’t tell when writers are switched off. Of course that’s a monthly book and it’s much harder to pull this stunt when a book ships three times a month. Anyway that problem is gone. I dislike having inconsistant artwork and that’s still going to be a problem especially if you juggle guys like Humberto Ramos and Marcos but I’ll deal for now. BND has had a severe lack of MJ, but she’s been in the book a lot more lately and it seems like she will pop up more.

I dislike Carlie too but with #647 Vin is back and he likes Carlie. I suspect him being a wrench in Spidey x Carlie down the road. Peter and MJ are supposed to date again as hinted by JQ about twice now. Hopefully it won’t be too long.

It seems like we are getting everything we are asking for minus a marriage. I’m hoping it turns out well too. When Slott wrote New Ways To Die and issue #600 I was rather oblivious to the things I didn’t like in BND’s world because everything else about the stories worked for me. I’m hoping for more of the same in that regard.


Of course, because a story that would take 2-3 issues to complete is explained in 1 or 2 sentences in the primer. Let me clarify. Unfortunately, I’ve read all of BND up until OMIT, so I was already familiar with most everything in the primer. What I meant was, just reading the primer and remembering everything that’s happened as a whole, I don’t even know why I’m considering picking up the title again. However, I did fail to mention that out of all the recent writers, Slott was probably my favorite, with Zeb Wells and Joe Kelly following close behind. New Ways to Die was bland, but ASM #600 was easily one of the best stories to come out of all this. So there’s that.

Yet, the negatives still far outweigh the positives. The artwork didn’t bother me so much as the inconsistent writing. Despite much outcry, I enjoyed the diversified art over the past year. Artists like Paul Azaceta and Max Fuimara brought a lot of flavor to a title that is generally pretty conservative in it’s art choices. And I defy anyone to find something negative about Marcos Martin’s work. No, my main issue was ideas or even characters that one specific writer would use wouldn’t manifest for issues at a time, leaving you with a developmental vacuum. A perfect example of this would be Norah. Whenever Joe Kelly wasn’t writing, the character was virtually nonexistent.

I know it’s sacrilege, but I really liked Carlie. I thought she was a good match for Peter’s intellect. Maybe I just don’t get it, but the dissolving of the marriage was never my biggest problem. I don’t hate Mary Jane. I’ve just never read that many stories where they were married, and in the stories I have read, she comes off extremely one-dimensional. And I think that was Marvel’s major problem with the marriage, it didn’t really age Peter, it painted the writers into a corner because they didn’t know how to write Mary Jane in the first place.

I want to believe in ASM, but I think I’ve just become too cynical.


Looks like they will reveal the new Venom in ASM 654.1 issue in February. It won’t be issue 654, but a 654.1 issue that will be a different comic altogether and will sell for $2.99. Um, okay… Slott’s still writing so that’s good I guess.

Marvel’s Next Big Thing: “Point One” - Comic Book Resources


Why not just call it Spiderman: Big Time Special #x?


Wait, what? Why do we need a new Venom? Gargan is pretty cool in the role and I just sorta got used to it.

Despite being a fan of his Scorpion moniker, it’s a serious step down from the threat potential he is currently. Maybe the Symbiote will choose Aunt May so Spidey is finally forced to end her immortal life.


Oh come now, Aunt May doesn’t deserve that cruel a death.
I may not like her still being around, but if she’s gonna die, she deserves a ‘non-violent’ death.


Venom-May would be a sight to behold though!

I agree she deserves a non-usual Spidey death, something peaceful and tear-jerk worthy. I just personally feel she has outlived her usefulness to Peter and the comic, I dunno what they can do with her (Though the marriage stuff was interesting).

No Big Time this week I am guessing?


Yeah no Big Time this week. BND wraps with #647.

Slott’s a big Gargan Scorpion fan so that’s why there’s a new Venom, so Gargan can be Scorpion again. Slott gets to control what happens with the Spidey-verse now. He’s basically like Bendis but with a lot less power; just where Spidey is concerened.

Me I like Anti-Venom and he hope Eddie stays that way for a bit longer. I wonder who the new Venom will be and I hope it’s not Eddie Brock just yet. Never been a Gargan Venom fan but I definitely had some laughs with the guy during his Dark Avengers stint at least.