Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


As long as it’s a smooth transition I’ll be fine, I really do like the Scorpion and hearing Slott is a fan has me all giddy for a future storyline.

Eddie didn’t really cross my mind as the new Venom, although I haven’t read his Anti-Venom material I really don’t think we need Brock back in that role.

No idea who currently in the Spidey comics could fulfill that role, any normal person with a grudge against the Webhead or Peter? I’m sure some clues could be scattered about.

Hopefully Slott becomes the Bru of 616 Spider-Man.


Please, let’s not compare Dan Slott to Ed Brubaker. Two totally different tiers of talent.


Not a talent comparison, just a “What can they do for X character” comparison, should have made that clear to begin with.


Not trying to be a dick (I obviously don’t have to “try”) but isn’t what a writer can do for a character dependent on the writer’s level of talent?


Are_you_okay?! and everyone else. Amazing Spider-Man #648, the start of Big Time comes out next Wednesday! :party:

Just going by the Slott interview I posted earlier - http://www.spidermancrawlspace.com/wordpress/2010/09/24/podcast-111-dan-slott-interview/ - I don’t think that Brubaker has that much power over the way people use the Captain Americas (Steve and Bucky) and not in the way Slott will have over Spidey. He really will become like another Bendis in that regard, it’s not the same as the control Brubaker has. Which is still significant but it’s not the same I think. Obviously, I’m not 100% sure but this is how it looks right now.

People will consult Brubaker like JMS did when he did the Thor story to comemorate his death, but Bendis can still go crazy in Avengers Prime and use him however because he’s still Bendis. I don’t think Bendis has to consult Bru much regarding how he uses Bucky either. Arguably Spider-Man and his cast of characters are probably much more important for Marvel then Cap’s crew.

Slott said that Bendis warned him that having that much control over characters and the universe is incredibly stressful and he has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Slott said that so far he’s having a blast and he’s not seeing what Bendis is complaining about. :rofl:

Anyway sometimes, “What they can do for X character” boils down to “What you are allowed to do for X character” especially with Marvel and DC. Not all the times but with major characters it comes down to this and a lot of other things. Sometimes say, if you want to write a story of oh I dunno Magneto getting his arm blown off as a stupid example well if three other writers have plans for Magneto then it’s not a story you can tell, at the very least not at this time and not with that character.

Slott did have one conflict with the Spidey Brain Trust over Menace’s reveal (it was supposed to be another character entirely) and that’s the only thing he will cough up to (and to be fair, it’s probably the only real hiccup). Now with him being the only writer obstacles like that are out of his way.

I think at this point both Bru and Slott can do whatever they want with their characters, within reason. Spider-Man has always been under heavy editorial scrutiny, but Wacker is pretty easy going with this kind of stuff it seems. That and really the opinions of Bru and Slott seem to echo the opinions of JQ and crew anyway most of the time. Probably not too many obstacles in either of their paths.


Well, there are always going to be certain limitations on just about any corporate-owned character. It takes a good writer to be able to do interesting work within those limitations. (I suppose it also takes a good editor to allow a good writer to have an opportunity to do interesting work.)

But even if limitations were to be removed and creators had carte blanche to do whatever they wanted, that doesn’t mean “what they can do for character X” will automatically be good. Just look at Black Panther and the mess they’ve made of him and his series. In fact, the only time that comic has been good since the Priest era was the three-part Secret Invasion tie-in. Proving my point, that story was forced to adhere to set boundaries in terms of storytelling (stuck in a crossover, not really able to deviate from the company dictum, not able to make any significant changes to the status quo), yet it was compellingly strong work because of the man who wrote it, Jason Aaron.


Yeah I agree with you there.

It should be interesting to see what happens with Spider-Man. Slott’s been given the keys to right ASM the way he wants to. Which is probably not in a way that 100% of the fans want but if he has fun with it and cuts loose maybe that will manifest itself on the printed page and he’ll win some people back.

I heard that Slott’s Batman stories were terrible while Bru’s Bat related stories were great. Don’t know Bru but Slott said he was heavily mandated during his run by editors. But still, it’s Batman? I always thought every good writer had a good Batman story in them somewhere and how much could editorial get in the way of something good popping out? Maybe he was still new to the game, the editors sucked the fun out of it for him or he’s a bad fit for Batman. Who knows.

Good to see that Slott’s in a better place right now from a creative standpoint. He said before that he owns and likes all of the Capcom fighting games Spider-Man is in so even if I wind up disliking his run he’ll always be cool with me. :cool:


Yes, and I think Slott is rather talented when handling Spider-Man material, but it’s not fair to compare him to Brubaker in that regard. I did the comparison in that Brubaker pretty much made Captain America for me and within his own comic, Brubaker is able to kinda steer Cap where he wants, and it’s resulted in a fantastic continuing story.

Comparing writers on the basic talent level is a useless waste of time, as everyone has a preference and more or less it’ll devolve into hate, so I like to avoid it when possible lol.

@ Sano: Awesome! Hope it starts out with a bang. Cool to see Slott has some leverage regarding Spider-Man, just he has to remember with great power comes great responsibility.

Oh yes, I went there. :rofl:


Bendis talks about the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon briefly in the vid below.

Newsarama | BENDIS on Ultimate Spider-Man Cartoon: Like None Other!


Hatred is the purpose for the existence of this forum. I don’t think comparing writers’ talent is a useless waste of time. It provides countless hours of entertainment.


Bro I need to start doing my speed reading exercises again. I got TONS of Spiderman Comics I need to read. Spider-Man has always been my main guy. Ever since I heard that great intro for the TV show on Fox Kids he’s always been my favorite. Once I start doing my speed reading again I’ll be going thru my Spiderman Comics and I’ll become a knowledge god. :smiley:


Sano, you’re way too damn nice.

Hey guys, by the way, Dan Slott is irrelevant. There is already an undisputed, modern master of Spider-Man, his name is Brian Michael Bendis.


I like Bendis on Ultimate Spider-Man (or anything creator owned) but it remains to be seen if he could work the same magic on an already established Spider-Man. His track record with “616” is spotty.

Slott has proven he can write an entertaining Spider-Man and make it work with the rest of the Marvel Universe.


Truth be told I don’t mess with the Ultimate universe much. Mainly a 616 guy and if I need modern retelling of characters well that’s what cartoons and movies are for. And LOL pretty soon there will be cartoons and movies based on Ultimate Spidey because all of them deal with modern retellings anyway. :looney:

Besides that whole universe has gone to crap and Ultimate Spider-Man is just not the same without Bagley.



Uh nope, that just sounds like something any other member would say.
I personally didn’t like Bagley’s art, but I will give him credit for drawing 100 issues :tup:
While the current artist is improving his style, I like it and the current stories are quite fun. Not to mention that
J. Jonah Jameson


is dead…


Yeah, it’s well drawn.


I agree. I roll my eyes in scorn at anyone who discounts Ultimate Spider-Man because it’s an “alternate” universe or whatever you wanna call it. (616.) In the end, they’re all imaginary stories.


In other words mean enough. :wink:


Not if it’s coming for you, no =/


True, but I guess I would rather not be the butt of said entertainment Zephy. :rofl:

Regarding Ult. Spidey, I don’t mind it, sorta in the middle ground. There was a few stories that were fantastic, and some that were downright dumb. I’ve never been a fan of Bendis though, he has his head WAY to far up his ass for his own good. I largely ignore most of his 616 stuff, this includes Secret Invasion and anything else.

New New Avengers isn’t bad, but the first arc was a poor choice to reboot with, plus his handling of Bucky is just…odd.