Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


If you want meaner just turn off the monitor to see your own reflection. :rofl:

“YOU THINK YOU BIG TIME? YOU NO BIG TIME! SPIDAHMAN BIG TIME!” - Carlito’s Way. LOL 2 more days! :tup:


I knew someone would bring that up, and I guess that’s true to an extent. But, I look at it like this. If Bendis can tell those refreshing stories within the confines of something that’s being more or less retold, imagine what he could do if he were allowed to let his imagination run wild. I can see how some might argue the reverse and say he uses the established bits of history as a crutch, but I think he could do a hell of a job on 616 Spidey.

If by going to crap you mean Ultimatum, it had very little effect on Ultimate Spider-Man except for the title change. All I really know is that Magneto got pissed, made a big tidal wave and a bunch of people died, including Daredevil. Fucking Jeph Loeb, how can you kill Matt Murdock in ANY universe?

By the way, I just don’t think it’s possible for you to be mean. You’d have to literally drink gallons of Haterade to make a difference. Actually, you might want to talk to my pal Zeph about that, I hear he brews the shit daily.

Ooh, burn! There is something about his art that I just can’t stand. For starters, everyone looks exactly the same. I remember an interview where he specifically mentioned drawing Peter and MJ’s first kiss, describing how difficult it was to tell them apart. That has to be embarrassing, when even you have to stop and say, “Yeah, okay, my chicks look like dudes.” Speaking of which, what do you think of Sara Pichelli? David Lafuente was okay, but I hope she sticks around for a while.


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I knew someone would bring that up, and I guess that’s true to an extent. But, I look at it like this. If Bendis can tell those refreshing stories within the confines of something that’s being more or less retold, imagine what he could do if he were allowed to let his imagination run wild. I can see how some might argue the reverse and say he uses the established bits of history as a crutch, but I think he could do a hell of a job on 616 Spidey.

Writing something like Ultimate Spider-Man is on the same level as writing a Spider-Man movie or new cartoon series. You’ve got all the hard work already done for you and almost no constraints. You can cherry pick whatever you want and you make your own continuity.

Ultimate Spider-Man is basically him running wild with Spider-Man. I don’t believe for a second that he could do a better job or even as good a job on ASM.

I don’t begrudge him that he has “same face”, because most comic artists have their stock faces that they use for guys and girls and that’s what helps them keep on deadline and let their style standout.
What I can’t stand about him is how bland his style is and how rushed, inconsistent and sloppy his work gets, yet he still gets praised for how “fast” he is.
Immonen kept the book on time and blew Bagley out of the water. I would have rather seen 100+ issues of him.

I love Lafuente and Pichelli’s work.
Lafuente especially because NO ONE right now draws like him and the style fits the book so well.
Pichelli gets better ever project she works on, but I think her work looks a lot better with Christina Strain coloring it.


LOL I’ll take that as a compliment and leave it at that.

One more d… Errrr… 24 hours! TAKE IT AWAY ALVIN!



I wasn’t so much referring to the use of stock faces in general as I was referring to the androgynous features he tends to use on every younger character. Yeah, it’s definitely irritating when an artist is well-known for keeping deadlines, but let’s his art suffer for it in the process. Almost reminds me of a certain someone, only they’re usually late and their art still suffers. JRJR, is that you over there?

Oh, I couldn’t agree with you more. Immonen was by far my favorite artist on USM. His time on the title was far, far too short. The issues where Harry dies are STILL some of my favorite ones, simply because of the artwork. It’s difficult to describe, but in retrospect he was sort of a balance of what’s great about Lafuente’s and Pichelli’s styles. I would describe it as both youthful and cartoony with small elements of realism. For example, I loved his use of hit sparks and the general energy in his fight scenes, yet at the same time, he absolutely nailed expressions in the more emotional scenes. Simply put, the guy is a fucking beast.


Bagley kinda sucks. He’s the Jamal Crawford of pencillers–a volume scorer who isn’t known for much other than his volume scoring. I remember there was this one year when Bagley drew like 15 or 18 issues of Ultimate Spidey and another 5 issues of The Pulse. That was impressive. Ugly, but impressive. Kinda like Crawford’s career field goal percentage.

And JRjr is an awesome artist. I don’t know what you mean!

But yeah, Immonen is the best of them all. He can alter his style so masterfully and no matter what he does it always looks good. He looks like he’s kind of settled in on his “Nextwave” style but I think even his most current stuff is subtly different from that style. I also have a lot of love for his work on Shock Rockets and Superman: Secret Identity (which he even colored himself).


I like JRjr, art reminds me of his dad’s and Jack Kirby’s, it’s really nice.


Romita Jr.'s art seems to be at its best if he takes a longer time to draw. …but that’s my thought on it really.


Yeah I think so as well, he has really developed overtime I think, fast becoming a favorite artist of mine. Between his Spidey run art, Kick-Ass and the like it’s all good. I think the main reason I keep reading the main Avengers title is to see his work really.

Oh and Big Time today, I have just enough in my account to grab a copy and not be broke, luckily I get paid tomorrow.


Just got finished reading 648, and I’m digging it. Great art and the issue was fucking huge, so if Slott is gonna come with this shit twice a month I’m down.



Who the hell is Kingsley? I never really paid much attention to the Hobgoblin’s identity, so is he someone new or one of the old hobgoblins? I have no clue.

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to the rest of his run now.




Kingsley is the identity of the original Hobgoblin. So that’s the real deal there on the last page. Unless it’s a relative of his or something like that but I doubt it. Kingsley’s first name is Roderick.

Anyway really enjoyed the issue, way more than I even thought I would. There were so many things that made me laugh and smile.

Plenty of nods for long time readers and they mentioned so many things going on currently in the Marvel Universe. Still even if you don’t catch all of the references most of them are pretty self explanatory so you can still be in on the joke without ever having read a single comic in your entire life.

Off to good start and If Slott can keep the momentum going it’s bound to be a legendary run.

I don’t know about Humberto Ramos putting those extra lines on people’s faces that would bleed out man what was that all about? Otherwise I was fine with the art.

The Spider-Girl story was kinda meh though. Don’t think I’ll be picking up that series.


Glad you two enjoyed, makes me purchasing it later just a more agonizing wait. I only got like $11 until tomorrow, and instead of food I am using it for Spider-Man lol. I’m sure I have something around the house.


I don’t know who Jamal Crawford is, but that sounds like a fair comparison.

Okay, I admit, I worded that poorly. He isn’t late often, but when he has to play catch-up, he gets awfully sloppy. What I don’t understand is how you got “JRJR is a bad artist” out of that. I love his blocky style, and few can draw Spider-Man as lithe and graceful as he can.

Yeah, it’s truly incredible how many different styles Immonen can produce. You’d think diversity like that would prove to be highly sought after in the industry, yet until USM I’d never really heard of him. It’s a shame, because he’s incredibly underrated.

By the way, you read USM?

See? This guy gets it.


Crawford’s a shooting guard in the NBA. I never liked the dude as a player. I was only forced to root for him while he wore a Warriors jersey. Thankfully, he’s with the Hawks now.

Yeah, I read Ultimate Spider-Man… Only I’m not really current with it. I’ve got up to volume 21. I haven’t read the Ultimate/Requiem story and haven’t read any of the Ultimate Comics Ultimate Spider-Man (or whatever it’s called now).

The writing is boss (yeah, I’m gonna try and bring “boss” back as a superlative adjective) and I would consider this the definitive interpretation of Spider-Man. As such a long-running serial, I would have to say that any weaknesses in various issues are overwhelmed by the sheer consistency of quality payoffs overall.

Bendis has some writing tics when it comes to his dialogue, but I think as the series went on he improved. People usually seem to comment on his dialogue (and anyone who has read a Powers lettercol can see how hard he mancrushes David Mamet) and point it out as one of his greatest strengths.

I don’t have a problem with his style, but I think his greatest strength as a writer is his sincerity and ability to write moments of drama that have palpable impact on his characters. There’s some stuff in Ultimate Spider-Man that I found quite stirring. The Venom arc was very affecting with the way Bendis wrote a story that was less about the ultimazation of a stupid supervillain and more about how Peter felt to grow up without knowing his father.


apologies if this is old.

Spider-man is to be killed?

Newsarama.com : Marvel’s Feb. 2011 Previews: “DEATH OF SPIDER-MAN”

can someone fill me in on what this is supposed to be?! i hate these marketing stunts. if they are planning on this, i might have to write a letter to Marvel.


Yup. They’re killing Spider-Man. I heard the issue where he dies is going to come in a black polybag with a trading card inside it. These are going to be very valuable collectors’ items down the line so I suggest you buy multiple copies.

The thing that sucks is that they’re not even gonna replace him with a new Spider-Man! They’re ending the series for good after his death. I’m with you if you want to start a letter-writing campaign. We need to start petitioning if we want to see Spider-Man comics continue to be made.


yeah yeah.,.,. i know. spider-man’s already been killed by owl, and in the other… but seriously, just when i thought spider-man writing was going to get good again they pull something like this.

he’s not going to die, but it’s going to be a bad story. jus sayin.


Yeah it’s a gimmick. He’s probably not even going to fake die since they just put us through that with ‘The Other.’ It’s just a solicit so stores and stupid people can order more copies for something that comes out three months from now. The end. Maybe some John Doe will put on the outfit and die and that will be it.


I wouldn’t mind if it was ultimate spider-man though.

I have this theory that the Ultimate imprint is going to see almost all of the 616 heroes die. Their goal was to speed through those original superheroes and have a universe where they can introduce completely new heroes. I’ve always felt like the “Ultimate” line was half-hearted.


I’m liking Big Time though.


I feel like I’ve outgrown Ramos’ art style.
While I enjoyed the issue, [spoiler=]Spidey one-upping Tony and Reed kind of didn’t sit right with me…at first.
Then I figured that Peter HAS smarts so why not actually use this in stories?
Overall a pretty fun issue. Anyone have any idea who this Hobgoblin is?[/spoiler]