Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


You had me rolling at “black polybag.”

The best part? 100+ people on Facebook like this, and JJJ is cheering somewhere. Down with Spider-Man!


Tizoc check my earlier spoiler to answer your spoiler bro, at least in a partially as far as we know kind of way. :sweat:


Ah I see thanks Sano.


Thing is, they created the Ultimate line to be a place where they could tell modern stories without all the heavy baggage of old continuity. Start from the ground, reach for the skies. Problem is, they’ve reached the sky. Now the Ultimate universe has a buttload of continuity itself. The problem they wanted to avoid, loads of of history/backstory, has become an integral part of that world.

Also, they let Jeph Loeb write a gigantic crisis crossover war between their titles. That didn’t really help matters.


Letting Loeb touch anything comic related usually doesn’t help matters. I rather liked Ultimates until Volume 3, Ult. Spider-Man I read on and off, and X-Men was good until up to Apocalypse, future Wolverine/Cable, and Professor X wanted to sex up Jean. I haven’t checked out any of the new stuff and I haven’t heard of anyone reading it so yeah.


Really liked the first BIG TIME, am going to miss the Thrice monthly thing, but twice a month isn’t bad either, can’t wait for info on his new costume! I think it has something to do with his new job.




Newsarama.com : Marvel Confirms “DEATH OF [ULTIMATE] SPIDER-MAN”

Looks like it will be Ultimate spidey. Phew.

Kill em all off, and introduce new characters. DO IT!


Yeah, after seeing where he is employment wise now it was easy to figure out. Big Time rules, I just hope the momentum will stay solid and produce consistently good stories, I need some Spidey in my life.

Bendis’ master plan is revealed, after 10 years he reached his ultimate goal of killing Spider-Man.




Copied and pasted from the Marvel thread. There is a free Spider-Man comic in today’s New York Daily Newspaper.

The Spider-Man story within today’s Daily News had pretty cool artwork by Todd Nuack but the story itself was kind of cheesy lol! The entire thing is a big commercial for Workforce1, some project that is trying to help people find jobs. Peter Parker ran into Mayor Bloomberg after JJJ fired him from the Bugle. They mentioned Curt Connors teaching Peter Parker at ESU also, so suffice it to say this is it’s own thing and not connected to any comics really. It’s alright and I only paid fifty cents so I can’t complain too much! :tup:

The article says you can download a digital version of this comic here for free. Looks like you need an iPhone, iPod or iPad though.

Marvel Comics for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Now off to buy real comics, where I will spend way more than fifty cents.


Oh hey I just saw NYC Mayor Bloomberg, Joe Quesada and some guy dressed like Spider-Man at the new Midtown Comics Store in Downtown Manhattan! Bloomberg was doing a big press conference for the story in the Daily News Paper. I told JQ that Big Time was really good and he said thanks! The Spider-Man guy sounded close to what you’d imagine Spider-Man to sound like, but more Keaton and Gilvezan and less Barnes if that makes sense heh! GO SPIDEY GO! :cool:


You had the opportunity to take down JQ and you didn’t? For shame sir!

But that is pretty cool in all seriousness. Should have taken some pics Sano.


Yeah there was lots of press, security and cops around because the mayor was there. I had my cell which can take pictures but I try not to take pictures in those situations because you never know when people will give you crap about it. Sometimes they only want the press taking photos.

JQ was really safe. I can see it now.

Sano: Hey JQ O.M.I.T. sucked!

JQ: That guy’s a terrorist! Get him!


Nah seriously from the few times I’ve met him in the past he’s actually a really nice guy in real life.


Lol, I would have done everything in my power if you did that, it’s to lulz worthy not to. :rofl:

I’d be a tad harsher, and since JQ doesn’t look like a threatening individual it’d be easy. Glad he is a nice guy in real life though, I just dislike his Spidey work. Although his art is rather nice at times.


Lol while it’s really easy to be harsh against someone on the internet it’s really hard to be like that towards them in real life, even for people much harsher than I am. This is how people survive conventions without getting beat up and why Liefeld still thinks he can draw. Hell the most I’ve ever seen at a convention is people being angry about the direction of a book and never dropping names or saying someone straight up sucks. It’s something you have to experience for yourself to see how you’d react. I’ve seen some of the meanest people say nice things to people in the industry that they hate. It happens really. Saying “You suck” to anyone in real life who essentially is a complete stranger to you is much more difficult than you can imagine.

I don’t like what he’s done with Spidey and his whole anti-marriage thing but he’s done much more good than bad during his tenure at Marvel. In a lot of ways Spider-Man is bigger than what is going on in the comics right now anyway. Movies, cartoons, video games like MVC3, the strip where he is still married and so on. That Broadway Play still doesn’t count though. WORK WITH ME HERE…


Honestly I’ve thought of various ways to get kicked out of Cons, having a verbal and physical fight with Liefeld is usually #1.

Don’t think I won’t do it Sano, I am both blunt AND stupid, a terrible combination.

Think the easier way is for myself to become a writer, that way I have some credibility and can use the industry to my advantage.


If you become a writer that’s even harder to do. People have lost lots of money just by opening their mouths and saying the wrong thing about the wrong person. Fans of said person just might black ball you. It’s only a handful of people that don’t give a crap and say what they want to about whoever and are still able to get by.

Hate gets more attention, being nice makes more money. A Bill Cosby show will outsell a Chris Rock show each and every time.

That’s not to say that back stabbing people to move up the latter doesn’t work because it does but you still have to be very careful how you go about it.

Everything is office politics and who you know really. Proceed with caution.

Besides Liefeld will try to strangle you with those Levis jeans he got from that commercial. He uses them as nunchucks.


Liefeld would make a worthy opponent with weaponry, but taking backstabbing to the literal level would work.

I’d be fine with working with people and not outright hating if I made it in, but I would flat out refuse to work with people who I think would hamper my work. I don’t know how that works though, I wonder if the writer has any leeway in who does the art, ink and coloring for his comic if it’s not a personal/independent work.

I doubt it’s very much if it’s not a big name person.


You guys ever see this?

The real crime was the hat | Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources ? Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

I think the guy who did that is a prick, though. My respect for Liefeld increased after reading the Yellow Hat guy’s blog.

I hate on a lot of comics and comics-related stuff, but I won’t hate on Liefeld. It’s much more fun to hate on the losers and degenerates who hate him.


Oh wow, I didn’t know someone has already called out Liefeld. That’s sort of messed up, while I think Liefeld’s work is horrible and he does need lessons of some type, asking for a personal apology and giving him a how to draw comic is pretty disrespectful to the guy.

Oh well, I’m sure Liefeld put out a nation wide Levi ban on the guy, where will he get comfortable pants at low cost now.