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Lethal Protector? You hope it’s like Lethal Protector? You baiting me? That was terrible stuff. David Michelinie and Mark Bagley? Have you tried rereading that lately? It does not hold up well at all. I mean… It was cool that they tried to bring Spider-Man to San Francisco, but I don’t think Bagley looked at a single photo of The City before he drew anything. Contrary to popular belief, you cannot see the Golden Gate Bridge from anywhere in SF. The story with all those symbiotes and crap, trying to be hardcore and badass like Spawn and the other stupid Image comics of the time was so pathetic. And the whole idea of an underground community of hobos living in a giant system of time-warped caves underneath Golden Gate Park was laughable even when I was a nine-year old. I bought the first issue of Lethal Protector when I was a kid because it had a shiny red cover. Then I read the next issue at the store and gave up on it.

Let’s hope it’s more like Fear Agent than anything ever, ever, EVER related to Venom.


I said good for a VENOM comic, not for comics in general. His little 6-issue mini was probably the only good Venom stuff I read.

I think from now on I’m going to start saying stuff that will make you bitch for two paragraphs, it’s entertaining Zephy.



Lethal Protector is definitely not what comes to mind when I think of a good Venom comic. When I think of a good Venom comic, I think of… I think of. Hurm. Let’s see… What is there… Ellis’ run on Thunderbolts did some good stuff with Venom… But I don’t know if I’d really call it a Venom comic–it’s more like his finest hour.

Oh, I know. The first Venom story in Ultimate Spider-Man. Now that was really good. I think that is the best Venom story. Paul Jenkins did a decent Venom story when they launched the last volume of Spectacular Spider-Man back in the early 2000’s, too. (That was the one where Brock was dying from cancer and Venom wanted to find a new host.)

Give me more fuel for my hatred.


I have all of those, except the Ellis stuff. Ult. Spider-Man has always made me feel rather “meh”. The last tale I would say is more of an Eddie Brock comic, not truly Venom.

Pretty much anything involving the symbiotes in an solo or limited role is bound to suck. Carnage is fucking lame, Venom is barely a step above. They were just a product of the mid-80’s to early 90’s extreme characters that looks somewhat cool, but ultimately don’t have the creative chops to hang around.

Why those two are so damn popular I will never know, but then again I was a huge fan of mullet Superman, so maybe I am part of the problem.


I can’t name a good Venom book off the top of my head without going through my collection honestly. Ultimate Spidey was always a turn off for me, I couldn’t stomach it for various reasons. Lethal Protector was pretty ridiculous, the underground hobo community made absolutely no sense at all.

Deadpool is the new Venom. That is all.


I think it’s going to be Eddie Brock again and everything else is just red herrings. Too bad, I like Anti-Venom but maybe this new incarnation will be a little of both Anti-Venom and regular Venom.

They just pulled a bait and switch with Hobgoblin so it seems like it’s too soon to have a brand new identity for Venom too.

Yeah IF the RUMORED Eddie Brock Venom shows up in MvC 3 I expect Marvel to get Eddie back in the suit. Just like Invaders Now is using Shuma-Gorath… now. Steve even got his classic Cap suit back for at least that story. X-23’s new comic launched the same exact week as she was announced in MvC 3. There certainly seems to be a lot more cross promotion this time around.

Slott has said before that he has played and loved all of the Capcom fighters Spider-Man has been in too so it’s not like he would be completely oblivous regarding what is going on with MvC 3 heh. Not that it would really alter his writing but you never know.

Still I’m just speculating, don’t know either way about Venom’s new identity or his inclusion in MvC 3.

Have to say I’m fine with Slott’s Spidey writing so I think it will be great no matter who wears the symbiote. In ASM of course. Don’t know about Venom’s new book.

On the flip side I wouldn’t mind Flash Thompson if if means he gets his legs back. Ha ha, symbiote limbs! :clown:


I don’t think it will be Brock because the symbiote seems to be in the hands of the gov’t/SHIELD. Brock doesn’t seem like he’d be a team player. I think they will try to use venom. It will be interesting seeing “venom” play nice with spider-man for a while. Things will eventually go wrong, and the symbiote will play a hand in bringing the eventual end to Parker’s “luck” streak.

jus my theory.

I picked Thompson because he is unlikely, has ties to the gov’t, spider-man, and can be tied to villains(?). Plus, he seems to be doing well in the 616 universe (all things considered). Seems like the writers are setting him up for a big fall (what with all the super-hero envy, his own heroism, etc.) If they were going to take a route to corrupting him, why not do it by giving him everything he’s wanted, while at the same time setting him up for disaster?


I don’t see Brock getting the suit back, even though I agree with Sano. The Hobgob switch up would make it rather troublesome to be remodeling three big name characters at the same time. Keep in mind we have a new Carnage too (I believe Shriek, not sure when Carnage #2 is out though).

Maybe it is Brock, it’s really hard to speculate at this point. Thompson would be a decent pick too, though I would see him getting smacked around rather easily and taking a backseat to Hobgob and Carnage. I’d prefer they keep Gargan honestly.

As for his MVC3 inclusion, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was revealed (possible DLC even). The cross promotion is definitely a big factor it seems. Then again, a lot of the cast is also featured in a big budget film within the next year or two. We could very well get The Lizard instead.


So issue 648 is the issue where they relaunch it for new readers to get into?


Yeah. 648 - 650 have been great.


QFT. 650 was very good. Some action, spidey comedy.

650 stuff


I had a feeling Peter would get caught at Horizon eventually. Too many smart people, and that box is just a set up for disaster. Classic spidey schadenfreude. His save was entertaining. The conversation with MJ, Pete and his new girlfriend was pretty funny, particularly how they ended it with a MJ reference the other two wouldn’t get. LOVE how they brought back Alistair Smythe as the spiderslayer. Really looking forward to those battles for some reason, which is weird because I’ve never been a fan of the spiderslayers. Also, the new armor is amazing. I really hope this stays in his arsenal for a while, although the being invisible thing might make him kinda broken.


Well, I see they’re still raping 616 spidey.

Bagley’s coming back to ultimate. Thank god.


Fuck yeah! USM has greatly suffered since his departure, and he is truly a master of the medium!


Last issue of Big Time was so much win! :clapdos:


I’m just trying to get an issue past #1. They have like literally 60 copies of #1, but barely got 8 or so of the last couple and since it’s mostly sold out I’m just waiting. I have literally no idea what is going on these days, still waiting to see Hobgoblin do something.


Loved the lastest issue of ASM. The Tron reference was great because that’s exactly what I was thinking… :rofl:


New Spidey outfit looks odd, but whatever, just a still.

First Look at Andrew Garfield in his Spider-Man Suit


Reminds me of ultimate spider-man


New souped up Scorpion and Hobgoblin still running wild, Peter’s personal life looks bright but don’t know how long that would last. I guess the suit is cool with the different modes.


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