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Who all knows Spidey’s identity besides MJ and FF? Just finished reading issue 563 and Mockingbird called him “Peter.” So I’m assuming all of New Avengers know who he is?


Only select people know, though who they are is debatable at this point. I know Wolverine and Bucky do, but Hawkeye and the like don’t.

Still don’t have my missing two issues, going on a while now. I have three issues after I refuse to read until I get them.


Everyone on the “Old” New Avengers should know who he is since he revealed himself in front of them, this includes Hawkeye and Spider-Woman IIRC. Based on Iron Man 500 it doesn’t seem like Tony knows, which means that Dr. Strange doesn’t know either. But yeah, there’s no concrete list or anything.


You could be right, but I don’t know how the mind wipe thing worked and all that, as I haven’t seen Hawkeye involved with him when they discuss alter egos. A rundown would be nice, I bet Sano could hook us up with a list of people who know who he is.


Just buy ASM #648. Or it could be #649, hmmm. In the letter’s section there’s a big outline of who knows his identity and who doesn’t. So yeah, there is a concrete list actually.

As a reminder, Spider-Man revealed his identity to, what was basically the Anti-Reg Avengers, or the Avengers that were on the run. So Iron Man (Pro-Reg, Mighty Avenger) doesn’t know. It’s tricky book keeping going by who was there and who wasn’t because people switched to being ‘Avengers on the run’ and some left the team to do their own thing (Doctor Strange). Slott’s been right every time keeping it straight however.

I’ll look for my copy when I get home and lay it out.

The last issue of ASM was ALL ACTION! I could do without the Fred Van Lente back-up story though. I’d rather Slott wrote the back-ups or the issues just used the full 30 pages. If they must have a back-up story, I’d much rather they tap either McKeever or JMD to get that old Untold / Family stories going. I could always go for Stern too.

Lente gets props for busting out a tentacled monster though heh heh! But why was he green? MAN I’m trying to think up some new alternate colors for MvC 3 Shuma-Gorath man do like Carey in X-Men Legacy and bust out a red one or something! :looney:


Yeah it’s in ASM #648, on the letter’s page IE ‘The Amazing Spider-Mail’ page. This is from by Dan Slott. Skipping the first few paragraphs and such and getting to the part about who knows Spider-Man’s identity. Highlighting the names of the people who know his identity for easier reference.

*DAN SLOTT: …one question I’m asked a lot is: “In the world of ASM, which characters now KNOW Spider-Man’s secret identity?” Well, wonder no more, Marvelites, 'cause here we go:

We learned in the Red Headed Stranger arc (ASM #601-#604)that Mary Jane is the ONE person in Peter Parker’s personal life who knows his dual identity -and she’s known for some time.

In New Avengers #51, Spidey unmasked for his teammates Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, Spider-Woman, Ms. Marvel, Bucky-Cap, Wolverine, Mockingbird, and Hawkeye (who was Ronin at the time). Luke and Jessica’s baby, Dani, saw (but I doubt she’s telling anyone anytime soon). And later in the same ish, Dr. Strange saw Pete without hs mask on as well.

In the Face Front story (ASM #590-#591), Spider-Man also unmasked in front of Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, and the Thing.

And in the now legendary Grim Hunt arc (ASM #634-#637), we learned that both Kaine and the new Madame Web know as well.

Outside of see-all-know-all characters, like everybody’s favorite Watcher, Uatu, that appears to be it. Finito. The end. But, of course, it’s always fun to speculate…*

  • Ack forgot about Doc Strange showing up at the end of that Avengers ish. Like I said it’s tough to keep this stuff straight! :sweat:

Oh and naturally this was all written before one of the Fantastic Four members died, and by now you really should know who that person is but I won’t say just in case. So one less person knows. Or has taken that secret to his / her grave, until he / she comes back to life of course… :wonder:


What’s a good Spidey arc to read?


I don’t know what kind of stories you like, but as far as some of what I liked (and these are very popular/well known stories):

ASM 1-50. I really enjoyed any/all of them. early dococ and goblin, have early college years, first appearance of MJ, spider-man no more, etc.

Sinister six, and return of the sinister six… revenge was ok, and the others were meh, imo. sinister 12 was ok, i guess.

Death of Jean DeWolf, owch.

Kraven’s last hunt and grim hunt…

the Juggernaut storyline…

BIG TIME was very good.

I haven’t read all of BND, but what I have read was actually better than I thought it would be.

There was also the stories where spidey teams up with moon knight, punisher and some other guys. that was ok.

The story where spidey gets the cosmic powers.


I was excited when venom and carnage were introduced, but I never really got into the stories. Also, the recent stories have been ok. The Gauntlet stuff and New Ways to Die were fun. American Son also had its moments.


Very sad that Big Time kept the “Spidey no longer has Spider sense” rule from that Kraven arc. :frowning: I hope he gets it back


For new stuff, Grim Hunt and Big Time for sure, fantastic work from Slott.

Considering Slott wrote Grim Hunt, I’m pretty sure he would want to stay with his own continuity. I don’t find it that bad, just means Spider-Man can actually be surprised and put in more danger, maybe his fighting style will improve based on this?


Another Slott interview regarding Spider-Man. MAJOR SPOILERS for just about everything going on in ASM.

Newsarama.com : Dan Slott on Death, Venom and All Things AMAZING SPIDER-MAN


PAD talks about writing Spider-Man again in X-Factor! :woot:

Newsarama.com : Peter David Returns to SPIDER-MAN in Current X-FACTOR Arc

EDIT: Oh and with the Spider-Man Broadway musical having lots of problems lol check out this Spider-Man stage show written by Shooter that almost happened in 1987!



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Spidey goes back to teaching for a bit in ASM.

CBR: Gage Sends Spidey Back to School - Comic Book Resources Forums

Some info on the Free Comic Book Day issue and upcoming Spider-Man stuff.

Last but not least, Peter David will be working on the next Spider-Man game and Josh Keaton will return!


Oooh that sounds interesting, I’m hoping that the characterization won’t be as…simplistic as it was in SD.


Here’s info on the new game-

Here’s hoping it’ll have Noir stealth stages/segments. Those were my fav. part of the game.


I think the link you had was of the first page so I edited it to the first that had the info. If you wanted the second for something I might of missed let me know.

Still thanks! First bit of real news I’ve heard about this game. With PAD involved I hope 2099 plays more like 2099 than it did in SD. More gliding, no web-swinging.


More info on the game. Barnes is 2099 Spidey and Keaton is 616 Spidey this time around.

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Just watched the debut trailer-
Is it me or do the models look better this time?

Apparently the game will have a ‘cause and effect’ thing going on where if you change something in the past, it affects the 2099 timeline.
Let’s see how well they implement this. Furthermore, I’m hoping 2099 and 616 Spidey don’t fight the same >o>;
Also Please include SpiderHam, KTHXBYE.


Well I didn’t see 2099 web-swinging so that’s a plus. :rofl:

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