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I gotta see this! :rofl:


Great podcast interview with Dan Slott regarding the upcoming Spider-Island storyline!

Stuff in the podcast and Slott mentions MvC3 word!


He briefly mentions that the Spider-Man Big Time outfit is his favorite Spider-Man costume lol being biased of course ha ha! !t’s the first to use green which Ditko reserved for Spider-Man villains. He also says he loves the fact that the suit is in Marvel vs. Capcom 3! :woot:


OK I’m gonna ask a question that most of you might not like to discuss but…are they planning on reuniting MJ and Peter, also undoing that stupid magic retcon Mephisto did, any time in the next year or so?


No marriage since anyone with power at Marvel is still against the idea. The stupid retcon is going to remain in place.

JQ hinted a long time ago that they would date again, but that was a long time ago (he’s no longer EiC) and Carlie Cooper apparantly isn’t going anywhere. Sigh… Given how unpopular Carlie is I can’t imagine Pete and Carlie not splitting up or at the very least not remaining exclusive for long, but who knows.

Seems like the Spider-Man / Ms. Marvel pairing was more popular, but Slott doesn’t want Peter dating super heroines. He says it makes the normal life of Peter Parker, not so normal.

Stephen Wacker on CBR recently said that there would be a lot of MJ in the comic soon. Hope for the best I guess.


Why is that though? As ridiculous as that retcon is, why not think up a more ridiculous story…just not as ridiculous as OMD (like say oh, Loki regaining his full memory, and upon visiting Mephisto he learns of what he did to Spidey and in repaying his favour undos the retcon, see CONTINUITY!)

I wish I didn’t dislike Carlie but…her being MJ’s replacement just doesn’t work for me =/

Eh I can live with advances from Black Cat on Spidey, but to me Peter and MJ was one of the best pairings in comics, just reading through JMS’ run shows how great they are together.


Lol no offense bro but do we really need to go into why Marvel doesn’t want Peter and MJ married again or why they won’t unretcon the retcon right now? Join like any Spider-Man forum. I’d recommend CBR so Dan Slott and Stephen Wacker can throw reasons at you all day long. :rofl:

If you’d like to see Spider-Man and Mary Jane married in a new comic, and her being pregnant too at that pick up Age of X Universe #1. Yeah it was only one issue, a short story that took place in the Age of X world but it was still nice to see.


didn’t someone call out Slott not too long ago and he went crazy on them lol?


iF IT’s gonna lead to a clusterfuck, then I’m fine not talking about :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ooof, nah that won’t be good for my self esteem =P


Someone said Slott wasn’t a real Spider-Man fan. Slott said fuck you straight out. Slott was right for saying it, the guy who said it even apologized.

Say what you want but that guy has a huge Spider-Man collection, owns every video game Spider-Man is in, a ton of toys and so on. Maybe he’s not pro Spider-Man being married but to say he’s not a fan of Spider-Man, you have GOT to be kidding me…


Slott? I remember one of guy had a room just only Spider-Man stuff I think he was trying to enter a contest for SDCC last year. He had some crazy stuff there too.


Oh. Well, I like Carlie a lot. I know she’s no replacement for MJ and all, but I still like her


Well, I just read ultimate spider-man 160. Fuck you, Bendis. Fuck you.


would have preferred Ms. Marvel since they had a date and did mention it toward the end of the Spider-Man Siege one shot.


Ms. Marvel won’t happen because Slott doesn’t want Spider-Man dating a Super Heroine. He said it would make the normal life of Peter Parker out of costume, not so normal and would unbalance the book and the character.

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616 Spidey’s gonna be a virgin forever isn’t he?


He’s slept with Michelle, Black Cat and Carlie in the last two years so no.

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This brings up an interesting question: Would retcons or reboots erase cherry busting?


He lived with MJ for a bunch of years and mostly everything happened, except the marriage. Pretty sure they still shared the same bed, as couples who live each other do.

I’m not reading OMIT to give you a clear answer on what those ‘living together’ years were like now, but I haven’t heard anyone blame JQ for drawing two separate beds in the story… :wonder:

Before even the marriage and everything his relationship with Black Cat was very physical. Images of the two in bed together were common.

There’s a bunch of years in ASM I haven’t gotten around to reading, most of the '70s and early '80s so I can’t comment much about that time period right now. Going through the entire series at a snail’s pace. I’m up to where Gwen just left to Europe, so still on Lee and JRsr’s run.

During that Goblin kids debacle it was revealed that Spider-Man never slept with Gwen. Retconning Spider-Man Blue out of existence. HA HA Loeb. I have nothing against the two having sex or really care but anytime someone sticks it to Loeb, even unintentionally - :rofl:

It’s often debated that the first time he had sex was with Betty Brant, while she was married. That’s what the author intended at the time but current Marvel denies it. Her husband Ned showed up at their apartment in the morning and was upset that Peter was with her all night. He found the two in the kitchen at the time. That’s as close as you can get to suggesting an affair in the '70s.

Current Marvel’s stance is that he just spent the night consoling her. I’m really indifferent about this one and I think it’s one of those few things that readers can decide for themselves. I can see from Marvel’s standpoint how they wouldn’t want to depict Spider-Man as a guy who would sleep with a married woman, even if it was his first love.


Damn, Spidey is more of a player than I imagined. At least if he was taking it to Betty his spider-sense would warn him of an angry, pissed off husband coming to get him.


Not to double post, as an OG I dislike the notion but Sano is cool.

Anywho making some headway into my Spider-Man grab bag. Picked up #657-#664 a few weeks back and just now digging into it, since I had to make myself get over reading it in order until I can easily find some back issues.

So far it’s okay, the FF and Spidey situation feels kind of awkward if you ask me, and seeing as the team is rather apathetic to him I find it a difficult event to read.

At least it seems he is back in the red/blue in the next issue (#660?) so that is cool, I hope their relationship is better handled in the actual FF title. probably just me though, as usual.