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OK I know the 90s aren’t Spidey’s best years, but before JMS run were there any worthwhile stories or miniseries featuring Spidey?
Also am I the only one who read Garth Ennis’ Spiderman story in Web of Spiderman?


They really didn’t do that many limited series’ for Spidey back then because he always had 3 or 4 books running at the same time. If they wanted to tell a series styled story they’d just run it through all the books. Like they did for Kraven’s Last Hunt or more recently The Other.

Me I enjoyed Michelinie’s run on ASM since that’s what I grew up on. Nostalgia aside he had McFarlane and Larsen draw for him too. Even if you are not the biggest fan of their artwork it’s still a pretty big deal for Spider-Man’s legacy, and the industry a bit given how big those two have become.

Michelinie had lots of editorial mandates that plagued him and did more harm than good (Maximum Carnage, making Venom a hero, Spidey’s revived parents were all editorial, so was the marriage but I never found that to be a bad thing myself) but I guess almost everyone on ASM has, with the exception of current Slott it seems.

Note that the '90s were a time where artwork was way more important than story. Still I can look back on most stories and still be entertained by them to this day, pretty much by taking it for what it is. A different time for a different audience.

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Finished the run, waiting on the new issue.

While for the most part I enjoy Slott’s run, some old stand by problems are still there.

Most glaring is once again Aunt May. I’ve come to conclusion the 110 year old woman wont die for some reason. But WHY is she always involved in the story? Like take 663 for example. She’s at Mr. negative’s crib handing out food and OH NOES! She has a Negative stroke to create cheap dilemma.

Tizoc made a good point to me, it’s basically girlfriend fridge syndrome. There was no point other than to get a cheap scare for spider-man, since he can’t go a day without three things happening: aunt may almost dying, having a complicated issue with his current girl fling because of his dual identity, fighting a villain. Sub villain fighting with one to three pages of self doubt and you have the flow chart.

Also while I love Mr. Negative and think he could have a great career as a threatening villain, all his stories stink, seriously. Put him in something good Marvel.

Gig at me Sano, I’m all pumped full of spidey and his odd science lessons each issue. Also I blame you for everything, 'zoc doesn’t understand why.


Don’t have much new Spidey info to add. Kind of tired of all the Spider-Island hype, just want it to start already. Ryan Stegman’s ASM issue comes out this week. The pages I’ve seen online look really good.

Looks like the musical is doing alright despite the horrible reviews. Which means tickets are still way too high. Not paying $60, which is the cheapest price you can pay to go. I can buy a video game for that price. Crazy. Broadway has deals sometimes so I’ll try to keep an eye out.

Mentioned this in the SF / Capcom thread a few weeks back, but in the first volume of the Phoenix Wright manga there was a spider fanatic who collected everything based on spiders. He even collects Spider-Man comics! :tup:


IMO Mr. Negative’s concept would work great in a stand alone Vertigo/MAX like series.


Aww, I thought we could have squabbled over my issues lol.

But yes road to Spider-Island is taking forever, not to mention I have no fucking idea why Jackal is doing all of this but hey whatever floats his boat.

Any signs of Kraven returning soon? Grim Hunt was SO good, I thought he might pop up in Island actually.

Edit to Tizoc: Yeah I could see him working well in the style, I thought his best story so far was his Shadowland tie-in mini series that focused more on him.


Goddamnit Sano what madness is this?!


What you never seen that before? Really?


I never really bothered with the Marvel team-up series before =P
I was just lurking through a comic website when I saw that.


heard green goblin is in MVC4


I don’t know if you are old enough to remember or if they gave those commercials where you live but there used to be a bunch of commercials where people would do anything for Hostess cupcakes (Twinkies in particular). In the story Galactus discovers his hunger is satisfied by a fake version of Hostess cupcakes (so Marvel can avoid a lawsuit) and Aunt May as his herald helps Galactus find them across the universe with Franklin tagging along. It was a gag story and turned out to be a dream of the writer anyway.

Found this one at a convention for really cheap a few years ago. Really funny. :rofl:


ROFL, we didn’t have such commercials over here, but that description is hilarious, making me want to read it XD


Yeah, now that I think of it, I think he was making fun of the comic book ads for Hostess cupcakes and not so much the TV commercials. They would have ads that featured characters like Spider-Man, Superman, Archie, things like that centered around Hostess cupcakes.


And they were amazing.


MJ is in the upcoming Spiderman game-


Is it blasphemy to like the new ultimate spider man?



Slott talks Spider-Island. MAJOR SPOILERS if you’re not all caught up.


Hey everyone,

I’m new to reading comics and I was wondering where to begin Spider-man in the current Marvel timeline. I would like to start from the beginning but don’t know what is first saga for the series.