Spider-Man, The Amazing Thread


Ultimate spiderman is brand spanking new. No more recycled storylines.


Okay, I was also wonder about amazing spider man, since there are over 600 issues I don’t know where the so called reboot begins everyone told me about?


For 616 Spider-Man you are probably better off picking up this DVD-Rom, assuming your PC can play DVD-Roms (almost every computer can nowadays but make sure yours can. PS3s cannot play DVD-Roms FYI so if that’s your default computer look elsewhere). It collects every Amazing Spider-Man issue from 1963 all the way to 2006 including annuals. Pricey but it will save you money in the long run.

If you want to start Ultimate Spider-Man you should get the Barnes & Noble book because it covers a lot of ground in one book. Go for a used version though so you don’t pay $300 bucks though.

If you mean Ultimate Spider-Man well that’s Ultimate Spider-Man mentioned above.

If you are talking about Brand New Day, where they got rid of Spider-Man’s marriage… Lol you’re not up that yet. You’re lucky you don’t have to worry about that for a looong time. :rofl:


Ends of the Earth is shaping up pretty well.

Let’s pool our intel on this Spider-Men business if we haven’t already. I think people are all but sure that’s Peter and Miles, and it’s still not clear to me if this is a limited or an ongoing or what. What have you guys got?


What I thiiink Spider-Men will be about. This going to be long but I’ll get there so just bear with me.

Recently, Slott was asked if MJ and Peter Parker will date again. Slott said we will get what we want, but not in the way we want it.

Remember Madame Web’s prediction during Spider-Island that Spider-Man had to kill someone? It seemed like Kaine took the bullet for him by killing the Queen and the prophecy was fulfilled, but what if it hasn’t been fulfilled yet and it’s still something Peter has to do?

Remember Spider-Man’s mantra after Marla’s death, ‘Nobody dies.’ He’s been able to keep that so far.

A solicit for a future Ends of the Earth story is already suggesting that Spider-Man may have to kill someone to save the world. So what if Spider-Man has no choice but to kill Doctor Octopus?

Oh and of course Doc Ock really won’t die because it’s a Marvel comic lol but Spidey (and perhaps the audience) will think he killed him for a time. Or Doc will just come back to life at some point but moving on.

Killing would make Spider-Man hang up the suit thus removing the obstacle between himself and MJ. So they’ll date again. And us fans get what we want, but not the way we want it IE Pete will date MJ but he won’t be Spidey.

So the ‘Spider-Men’ will be the people that take Spider-Man’s place after he quits.

It probably will involve an Ultimate crossover like people think. Maybe Morales will give Pete the kick in the pants he needs to get back to work? Or maybe Ultimate Pete will return to kick 616 Pete in the pants? This part is still too far away to guess about.

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I’m hoping they won’t crossover with Ultimate, though I’m afraid that seems the most likely. (Mainly because the guys in the promo look super scrawny and the people writing this thing are Ultimate people.) Marvel’s never one to pass on a terrible idea.

What would make the most sense would be for it to be Kaine; at the moment Peter and Kaine are the only two legit spider men on their planet, Kaine’s comic needs the boost, and you’d have two spider guys who’d probably have pretty good chemistry without having to do any lame universe mashing. On the other hand, I’m told Miles’ comic isn’t flying off the shelves either. Maybe it’ll be all three of them. Or maybe it’ll be Ben or Miguel. If it was Ben I don’t know if I’d be hype or mad.

As for Peter and MJ dating, it’s inevitable that they’ll get back together and everything; hopefully the circumstances won’t be as dumb as the BND retcon business. Nobody seriously thought Carlie/y was going to last. I think (hope) by now after the eight billionth time that Peter’s gone emo and hung up the costume he’s past that. Who wants to read about him doing that again? That’s why when Marla died he didn’t throw a Tobey Macguire hissy fit, he got in the lab, got new tech, went in and bodied everybody.

Has it still not been confirmed that this is a limited?


Haven’t heard if it was confirmed to be a limited or an ongoing yet.


This sounds like something Sano would pour tons of thought into:


So it’s Miles in Spider-Men. 5-issue limited.

I’m resigned to the dumbness. I’ll buy it.


I have like no interest in reading an Ultimate / 616 crossover. Good for Miles to get exposure like that though.

I might check it if ASM leads into it I guess.

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Remember when JQ said if they ever crossed over the 616 and Ultimate universes they would officially be out of ideas? Lol for what it’s worth JQ retweeted this.

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Shoulda made it Kaine. They’re just trying to promote Ultimate.

And for 683 it shoulda really been Al Gore. That’s all I’m saying.


Spider-Men #3’s cover features Peter and Miles fighting classic 616 Spidey villains.


RUMOR: Sony execs hate the new Spider-Man movie. What a coincidence! From what I’ve seen I hate it too! Lol well take with a dump truck of salt.


Great podcast interview with Gerry Conway on killing Gwen Stacy, creating Punisher and how his ongoing Spider-Man Renew Your Vows comic is not connected to the Secret Wars Spider-Man Renew Your Vows mini. It’s a world where Civil War and One More Day / Brand New Day never occurred. Awesome!

The first issue of Renew Your Vows is great BTW! Good to have Married Spider-Man back in some capacity.


Wow 90s X-Men all up in Spider-Man Renew Your Vows! Married Spider-Man AND 90s X-Men in a 2017 Marvel comic? OH SNAP!

Eddie Brock Venom is coming back in April’s issue of Venom too! JOY!


I finished rewatching the 90s cartoon a week or so ago. I hadn’t seen it in close to 6 years but I remember liking it more overall than the 90s X-men cartoon when I rewatched that. Having watched it again, apart from the second half of Season 4 when the animation quality was at its all-time lowest and that one weird episode with the Lizardmen, I can say that it’s held up well. The storyline is really intricate and feels like an actual universe without relying too heavily on cameos from other Marvel characters (although at the time Spider-man was the go-to show for Marvel cameos). I can’t held but wonder what interest there would have been in a Blade movie if not for his appearance during the Morbius saga. Given it became a defining role for Wesley Snipes I’m glad things worked out for the character the way it did.

Been taking a peek at what’s been going on with the Clone Conspiracy. Sano already talked to me about this, and I agree with him that it’s ridiculous that the best Marvel can come up with right now for Peter is ANOTHER clone saga. It’s so shallow that it’s hard for me to get invested even though so many mainstays from the 70s-90s are playing a role.

I’m enjoying Renew Your Vows and have high hopes for the PS4 Spidey game following suit, especially with the rumor that the Green Gobin is going to be the main villain. I’d prefer if they had Norman under the hood but I’d be perfectly fine if they had Harry in the role as a type of anti-Peter: both married men with children to look after but have taken very different paths with the power they’ve been gifted with.


Revoltech Spider-Man figure with removable eyes! WANT!


Ha I did wind up buying that Revoltech Spider-Man figure for myself for Christmas. It’s awesome. Highly recommended!

Speedy 4 minute interview with John Romita Sr. about replacing Steve Ditko on The Amazing Spider-Man.



Dope Spider-Man and Mary Jane Spider-Man Renew Your Vows Scottie Young statue. WANT! But 115 dollars? Way too cheap to GET! Lol!

It’s official. Dan Slott will leave The Amazing Spider-Man hooray! Rumor has it that Nick Spencer will take over. Me, I know that the Spider-Marriage probably won’t return but I would like to see Peter and MJ date in the book at least. It’s been ten years already yeash!