Spider-Man vs. Ninjas


Did this for an assignment in school. If anybody’s wondering why the ninjas are carrying wooden swords, it was in the script we got. =X



C&C? Yeah some of the anatomy is fucked up something horrible. :stuck_out_tongue: Shh.


I like the art and the good use of shadows… you’ve also got a nice style of capturing Spidey.

my main gripe is that these ninja outfits are, well, generic spandex outfits… it kinda gives them a bit of that '80s cartoon feel. Which has its good and bad points.


omg those ninjas suck!


Nice job. your portions arnt all that bad.(pretty dumb ninjas)


Thanks, yeah… the script called for the ninjas to be pretty much morons. :stuck_out_tongue:

rook: Yeah… I just… kinda drew in the outfits as I went along. I didn’t design them beforehand. =x Laziness gets the better of me often. Thanks for the C&C.


The links ain’t working Eek!