Spiderman and Deadpool vs. V. Joe and Dante

IMO in my opinion this should have been the hype fight the internets have been hyping. Who doesn’t know spidey and technically Wade is a clone of him, plus you have Joe who’s as epic as Dante but more heroic and goofy. It would have ganered more fame with the fans than just Dante and Deadpool which comes off to me as noobish considering these guys aren’t even heroes, their anti heroes. Spidey and Wade would team up to fight Joe and Dante(who at least appeared in VJ2) so their alliance would make sense.

PS: Spidey and Joe are stronger than Wade and Dante individually IMO because they are the kings of acrobatic stylin.:rock:

cool story bro

lol wade isn’t a spidey clone. how long does it usually take threads to get locked

Your efforts of trolling have come to an end.

Riveting tale, chap .

a fine yarn there sailor

why is this a thread? does anyone not read the rules anymore?