~Spiderman giving me hard time with BnB! >:(



I’ve been trying this spidey combo out that I saw from Xero18’s youtube video called "Umvc3 Spiderman Basic Combos Revisited"
The combo I’m referring too is at 1:33


It requires you to JL JM JM JH JS then connect it with a standing Medium then proceed to S.H and then spidersting. (1:38 is the part I’m having trouble with)
I’m having trouble connecting the Standing medium after the short jump combo. I don’t know If I have to delay it somehow or press buttons faster or if I’m doing something wrong that I’ am not aware of.
Here is a video of me attempting the combo and as you can see I can’t connect the standing M but I do at the very end at random. Can someone tell me to why this is? 1 out of 10 times it connects but I don’t want to have a unreliable BnB for competitive play!



yo ezi i play umvc3 and spydey since 1 month :).i can advice you to connect st m after the jS you have to delay jS after jH and stM will connect.
For my part i m not a fan of this combo i m using webthrow combo for my bnb


delay jS after jH a little

should probably learn this combo instead:
crLMH L webswing jHS air L webswing jMMS (land) sMH H spider sting


Thank you so much phantasy and Layo for the advice, I’m going to try it out right now
Hey Layo what combo are you referring to?


Ezii that was my first bnb after 1 week of full training i can do it in match.
3. My BnB - corner carry from anywhere, ends with web throw to corner

s/c:l: c:m: c:h: xx :l: web swing j:m: j:m: j:s:, :h: xx :l:web throw, OTG zip j:s: s:m: c:h: xx :l:web swing j:m: j:m: j:s: s:h: xx :l:spider sting/bite [c:h:+assist] :s: sj:m: sj:h: sj:s:, zip whiff j:s: to corner while missiles OTG, :h:web throw to corner

and watch all raoh s video you should take a look :).


Hi, Ezii! When you do the combo in the corner, aside from what Phantasy said (delaying the j:s:), try using a jump up instead of up forward.