Spiderman needs ur help

I do not think i can be able to compete in any of the major tournaments as of right now. And i know it will be a bummer to not see your favorite char on the big stage. If u can plz help me to get to these events plz contact me directly at #347-499-0257. I am actively looking for a sponsor. If not thx for the support u guys have shown me on the forums since the release of vanilla. My paypal is thegodsarc@empirearcadia.com.

Thought this thread was going to be about encouraging more Spidey players to be at evo.

Stating that it would be disappointing not to see Spidey at major tourneys, then asking for support?



What monetary goal are you trying to reach and how far are you right now?

Benhoff just missed Shoryuken’s front page. He should have played last weekend instead of the other weekend’s Savage Sat.

Really, I wouldn’t mind supporting someone else to go. I want to go myself, but I have yet to even get into the UMvC3 tournament scene. I need to start locally before I think about going to majors, and I don’t even think I’m good enough for that yet. lol

Hey guys. Rahsaan needs help to enter Winterbrawl. Total, it’s $37. I want to help him, but I can’t pay for that in full so I thought “why not make it a community thing?” If 6 or 7 of us (especially those who aren’t going to any majors like myself) could donate $5, which isn’t much, then we could not only see Rahsaan in action, but we might see some strats or techs of his that would help us in the long run. If anything else, just to help out a fellow man (which is why I’m doing it). Remember, money comes and goes, but the opportunity to help someone in any relative need is priceless. If $5 seems too steep for some reason :sweat: , then even $2 or $3 is fine.