Spiderman's costumes



Am I the only one who isn’t content with his costumes? I mean, three of them are black and similarly colored. Plus, we all know how black outfits look on dark backgrounds which seem to be large in number for this game. So far I’ve been stuck to either using his default or white costume because I think the orange one is horrendous. Needz moar variety of rainbow.


scarlet spider is all I need :razzy:


…true. If could use scarlet, I probably wouldn’t have even made this thread. :rofl: Still, I won’t be getting him until march once that bundle comes out.


I’m just dissapointed that the DLC costumes don’t have at least 2 colors. what if i fight another spidey who picks scarlet spider, too?


Then you have the original clone battle and show who’s who :lol:


It’s funny because I was almost able to make a team named after me LOL. Ben Reilly/Frank(lin) West/Adams IV

Unfortunately, out of the 50 characters, there’s not ONE named Adam. /salt


I love the black suits. We should have gotten his blue stealth suit too.


His new suits aren’t as good as his old ones


I want the old spider-armor (i have this comic somewhere, i wonder if it’s worth anything)




my personal ratings of his costumes in terms of coolness
1: red/blue: classic, must have. 6/10 that being said it is not used to look cool, it is used because it is distinctively spiderman.
2: white: gdlk, 10/10. plus changing the color of his webbing to gray is amazing.
3: black/red: 7/10 changing color of webbing to reddish is cool here, but it replaced black/green, and greenish webbing would have been cooler.
4: black/white: another classic, must have. sort of boring though. 6/10
5: red/gold: 8/10 i use this one and it is awesome .!!!.. with hawkeye’s 3.
6: black/gold: 9/10 this costume is amazing. put in context of his other black costumes and it gets a little stale though.


I was expecting The new Ultimate costume but I was surprised that it isn’t in this game because it would have perfect sense.


So that’s where Armored Spiderman came from in MSHvSF.


I think we could have done without the red/black costume. It comes from the recent story arc Big Time where Peter Parker is working at a lab and using it’s resources to build new Spider tech. The 3 suits from the story (Red/black, yellow/black, and green/black) only appear in one or two issues each. Of the three, I think the green one was the most relevant (since it was used last month in Spider Island) and is the coolest.

I would have preferred that Scarlet Spider just be an alt color (it’s not that different from the normal suit) and that a street clothes Peter Parker be the DLC. Like how he is in this issue http://x.annihil.us/u/prod/marvel/i/mg/9/d0/4bc34c9a596e6/detail.jpg


the 3 colors of the costume in Big Time story arc (well the costumes were pretty much only in two of them) were red/black (I could have sworn it was orange in the comic) green/black and white/black. I agree the green one is the coolest looking but I personally think Capcom did a bad job with both the costumes because it just looks like red paint or something when it was actually lights. I could have done without either of them just because of that.
The Bombastic Bagman would have been nice for a DLC costume


Now that, I admit, would be interesting and definitely something worth paying for.


I expected it honestly. I thought it would be that, Venom or Carnage.


Spider-man 2099 would have been my default one. Or the noir universe spider-man from shattered dimensions. That was fucking boss.

I’ll just have to settle for black suit spidey and F4 spidey :frowning:


Nobody wants the webbing cape from Unlimited?



Doesn’t spider-man have any ligher costumes that don’t look bad?


The old Spider-armor