Spiders in an Apartment: Rico Thread number?


i had an extra copy of cvs2 after evo. i believe this belongs to phoobs? i left it at bill and jesse’s apartment since its much closer than my house.


You got it, when can I drop it off? I get back from class a little before 8 PM tomorrow night (Thursday).

James, I just checked and my copy of CVS2 is in my CD wallet still. I’m not sure who that extra copy belongs to.


i think its mine niggggas


Jesse or Bill: Do you guys have my copy of original GGXX for PS2 lying around your place? I couldn’t find it at my place until I remembered that David borrowed it so Bill could take his money or some shit like that, and I think he left it at your place. Thanks!


yeah, i think i have that shit brendon i’ll get it for you


Bill: I’ll get it from you when I go to your place sometime later.

And when’s the next big Riverside tourney? I know that PSM is out of the question so… Pentland tourneys? I heard from Duc that you guys were planning something or whatnot, and I’m willing to help out if it’s true.

And we should try throwing Riverside Ranbats or something. Don’t care if it’s at Jesse’s or my place or at Pentland. I hella wanna get better at everything before next Evo…


good games jeremy. i like your mas stick.

151 is not a tasty drank even with coca coRa. you are the devil.


hey foos… im selling my Soul Calibur 2 Hori since i bought a couple of HRAPs from VGO…

its barely used still with box… $40 OBO.

<3 nam


$38!! =]


in case anyone cares…

an epic battle just took place at the apartment…

Jesse and Jeremy ran a 4/7 in Marvel with me (money on Jeremy) and bill (money on jesse) betting $20 each.

Jeremy jumped out to a 3-1 lead, and at that point, shit was free. Jeremy gives Jesse 2 more games to make it exciting, but last game Jesse gets raped.

Id like to thank Bill Wellman for an additional $20 in my pocket. GG


i like me or jeremy over nam for any amount


omgad!!! hold the matches until wednesday so I can add money into the pot!


Jesse vs. Nam. Bet it!


i want to play cvs2/3s/mvc2 before i leave bill’s place this week. LET’S PLAY YOU PIECES OF SHIT.


If you guys play on friday, can you post/pm me?

Money matches Deus? First to 10 I get 5 matches head start…lol


if you wanna do this, ill side bet $20 on Bill


[media=youtube]l5REl3V2LcE[/media] so yeah, heres that guy louie that we met in vegas… This was one of the most influential sections of it’s time too. Good shit nam not believing people haha. I"ll side bet $20 on bill too, anyone wanna take that?


nice vid! i didnt even know he did that. ha! anywho, happy b-day james!


which jeremy?


I’ll take that bet. Wait. Are you insured?..by survival?

seriously though I’d like to bet 500+ on bill. I know no one will take, but any amount someone wants to put up. I’ll bet it.