Spider's semi inf

this may be known but wiht spider man you can do multiple maximum spiders but it’s hard to explain you see, it requires spider sting, in corner, you spider sting and cancel into max spider as soon as it hits you can aim the max spider and make the last hit a “upper cut hit” as in pressing up, it’s hard because sometimes you may get the hit that goes down unless you control the hits and know that the last hit is the one that launches him high into the screen, they tried not to let this happen by making flying screen but if you use spider sting then it has a chance to do the upper or if you can control it you can do it alot, they come down, it’s dead weight, try to hit them spider sting and then max spider spider man has a crappy attack to hit them so it will be hard try getting real close, i was able to hit them but i so far have messed up on doing a spider sting, post here what you guys find. :slight_smile: jin

there’s no such thing as a semi-infinite… either its a infinite or its not…:smiley:

There is such thing as a semi-infinite. It’s a cycle of moves that can be repeated multiple times comboing into itself at the end of each cycle EXCEPT there is some special condition that prevents endless repeats.

Sentinel Rocketpunch, HSF, DHP, repeat would be a semi-infinite.
It’s a semi-infinite due to the fact you’ll run out of meter eventually [the meter doesen’t replenish itself enough to allow for infinite repititions thus the semi-infinite standing].

AHVBx anything above 1 is also a semi-infinite.

Sent’s Rocket Punch HSF is an infinite… because you can do it as many times as you’d like without stopping the combo count… … So as the AHVP… you can do it as many times as you can without it stopping the combo count… now… can you do that spidey combo repeatedly without stopping the combo count…?..

I havent tried it yet so i dont know… :wink:

You can only do it as many times as “possible” without stopping the combo count. That doesen’t make it an infinite. The meter you use doesen’t fully replenish itself by the time you plan to repeat the cycle causing a fixed and determined endpoint to the combo. As such, it is reclassified by players as a whole as a Semi-infinite.

There are some rules that determine if a combo is classified as an infinite or not.

1]The last hit must combo with the first one allowing for INDEFINITE reps without breaking the hit count.

2]No other limiting conditions can interfere with the indefinite repetitions causing an endpoint.
-If you use a level of meter during a cycle of that infinite for example, that level MUST replenish itself fully before the next cycle.

-If rule 1 is met, and rule 2 is violated for any reason, the combo is reclassified as a semi-infinite since there is a limiting condition preventing infinite cycles.

Here’s a REAL infinite if you want an example…
Hulk Corner Infinite…
1]Ducking hp[1 hit]
2]Vertical Gamma charge lk version, UF lk redirecting hit, hold Down IMMEDIATELY.
3]Repeat step 2 indefinitely.

If you don’t believe me, ask Pryde, SooMighty, Genghis, Juggrknott, Dasrik, _blitz, Lightning Storm, Zaza, or FM Jaguar. I’d go on, but I’m bored of listing names.

Higher Jin, Can you repeat that cycle more than twice?

Higher Jin, Please don’t leave us in suspense here or be intimidated by my little side discussion with Redrover.

Can you do that spidey combo repeatedly without stopping the combo count? I haven’t tried it either.

Forgotten detail concerning that Hulk corner infinite, if you land that they will die long before it’s time to un-dizzy.

not true, how about Spiral’s or Rogue’s infinite, which can only be done when she has speed up, can you call that an infinite or a Semi-infinite?

Same instance with Magneto or Dhalsim’s flight combo, which can only be done when they have flight. that’s an infinite or a semi-infinite.

how about Chun-Li’s air combo that involves 2 lk, then double jump, can u consider that as semi-infinite? cuz it can be repeated more then 2 times.

Whoever posted the “semi-infinite”… does the hit count continue or no…??


This is nothing new, but I don’t recommend it because it requires u to be fast as can be and it depends on the length of the chrc and a couple other factors.

For instance u can use venom’s assist as soon as match starts and do MS which should enable u to land next to your opponent and do a C.lk,Fp spider-sting XX MS and possibly be able to do it again.

There r many other ways and chrcs assist u can use, but it’s not really worth it IMO unless u gonna use it to DHC into something.

i’ll check up on it, i wasn’t able to actually do it honestly, it’s hard , the max spider has to end with him uppercutting and them going in the direction of the corner.

i’ve seen myke z do crawler assault afterwards but overall, i think because of the properties of the spidersting

(bounce up versus deadweight if done in the air)

you can only do max spider , combo into spider assualt, sorry you guys this was pretty old.

What if I’d like to do it three times, but I only have one meter?

It’s a semi-infinite man.

Alright, alright, we get the picture. It would probably be best just to relaunch them after the MS or do some kind of a reset.