Spiders United - Juri Q&A and General Discussion



Post all your questions and general discuss here. I’ll be updating this original post with a collection of frequently asked questions in a few.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are Juri’s best Anti Airs?
cr. HP, cr. MP, st. MK. Unlike SSFIV, Juri’s best AA is cr. HP. You can jump cancel cr. HP into j. HP, which causes a floor bounce (G!) leading to st. hp xx LK Senpusha (Pinwheel).

What does jc mean in combos?
jc is short for jump cancel. You can jump cancel after cr. HP as an anti air or ground attack. You can also cr. HP ~ jc in the corner after a single hit dive kick. cr. HP ~ jc also works on tag in.

How is SFxT Juri different from SSFIV Juri?
In a lot of ways. See the above two questions. Her st. MP can now cancel into specials, making it one of her best pokes in the game. Also, her EX pinwheel has more invincibility frames, making it a much more solid wake up option. It also hits on both sides (but can still lose to a late cross up). Additionally, her Kaisen is now her super, which springs her forward and hits on both sides.

What are some ways to land Juri’s super?
There are too many to list, but here are a few ways to land it. Combo followed by Ultra:

[details=Spoiler]1. HK FB Store and Release anywhere on the screen.
2. MK Pinwheel anywhere on the screen (tight timing after patch)
3. Air juggle > cr. MK / st. MP (many other normals) anywhere on the screen
4. Ex PW > cr. MK anywhere on the screen
5. MK Pinwheel > st. LP/cr. HP > j. HP in corner only
**6. **HK FB Store and Release)[/details]

What are some ways to land Juri’s Cross Art?
Again, there are quite a few ways, but know that you can land it off cl. st. HP.

What are Juri’s go to combos?
Just a few, but here are some easier ones to land from the ground. Take note, you can mix in different normals on some of them. That’s up to you to experiment.

[details=Spoiler]1. cr. MK > LK FB release > cr. MK xx PW / FB Store
2. cr. LK > st. LP > cr. MK xx PW / FB Store
3. cr. LK > st. lk > st. MP > st. HK > Launcher
4. Corner Specific: Combo 1 using MK Pinwheel > cr. HP > jc > j. HP > st. HP > LK Pinwheel)
5. Corner Specific: cr. MK > FB Release > cr. HP > jc > dive kick > cr. MP xx LK Pinwheel/Super/FB Store[/details]

Can Juri’s overhead combo?
Only on counter hit

How should I use meter with her?
Honestly, Juri doesn’t need much meter. Her ex moves aren’t fantastic. This isn’t a bad thing considering you need 2 bars for a safe wake up option to tag cancel and her super does really good damage. So save your meter and use it when necessary.

Simple Questions (and answers)



wow, what the heck. what’s the notation? :smiley:


Off the jump cancel cr. HP right? INSANE


A while ago Desk showed off a short combo video of SFxT and I asked him about Juri - he mentioned he thought it was possible to land two fuhajin stores and releases in the same combo - anyone experimented with this at all?


I’m thinking store, c.hp x jc, j.hp, c.mp x store might be possbile in the corner, going to try later today.

From what I tested c.mk x release is still significant advantage on block, so it’s probably going to be worth it going for store enders most of the time since it puts them in blockstun easy no matter if the roll or just get up.


That anti air c.hp combo does really ridiculous dmg. Its also cool how her corner basic c.mk, fuhajin release, c.mk m.pinwheel can now end with another c.mk into charge or pinwheel. Anyone have suggestions of who would make a good partner? I was thinking vega due to his ridiculous poke range to link to juri. A styling tag combo into juri that i did was c.HP jump cancel forward into dive kick, c.mk into super. Does less dmg than just c.hp into super but looks cooler. You can also use EX dive kick instead for a wall bounce.


What are some of the best “Juri” gem load outs? I’m going to add them to the top post. An explanation to why you picked it would be appreciated.


using her with bison, I like it. I feel her normals received better priority, her fireball cancels really aren’t character specific or spacing specific, ex pinwheel hitting on both sides is godsend, and her overhead is stupid good with that speed. Very solid character


Her fuhajin bnb combos are easier. I’m not big on doing many chain combos because juri’s bnb combos do a good amount of damage. I’m re-learning again as her dive kick is not the same as sf4. Her walk speed is a bit better. Counter confuses me. I was too sleepy at my friends house to really see if ex counter dodges ex moves. I need to rehaul all my corner combos. She can’t keep as good of pressure as she used to in sf4. Her goal in the corner now is just to open you up. fs.mp does outshine my once beloved fs.mk in sfxtekken. Uh. anything else to mention, oh yeah. No teammate yet. Still-a searchin. Keep up the good work juris, we will have ton of new players in the coming months.


Quick question, what leads to untechable knockdowns? I remember reading that only EX moves caused untechable kd and sweep/throw were techable with roll, but it could be different since Kail said we could 2HK juggle for untechable kd.

Also can you keep applying pressure after a safe divekick or is it like in SSF4 where you’re at around -2 and unable to keep the pressure going, can someone test it? Any change in the height restriction?

A random idea, copying from the Cammy thread, 2HP jc jHP/MK on guard may set up ambiguous crossups? It could be a good way to keep pressure going if the 2HP has enough blockstun to make a Shoryuken go under Juri.

Also I couldn’t find anything about EX Fuhajins, do they behave the same way? I only got to see a juggle ending with it, which created the double bounce similar to the one in SSF4 where you can dash > EX Senpusha after it.


Jump cancel cr.HP seems to be a good way out of the corner for now. I was doing a blockstring cr.LK, cr.HP xx JC, j.LK(crossup). An ok way to add pressure. You can be punished if they catch on to you.


edit: question answered


bitch slap adds the best pressure and can keep juri in long strings in the corner until you open up your opponent. throws are ass, don’t do them very often.
Juri is a great point character. One i know her and two she just does good damage and makes it count.
Juri is a great point character.


Yo guys. Been out of action for what seems like forever, but copped SFxT today and have been logging in quite a bit of playtime. I’m wondering what characters are you partnering with Juri. I’ve been using her with Hugo and doing ok, but I don’t think the big guy is going to be very good once people figure out what to do. I was thinking maybe King or Lili could work, but right now I’m just kind of relearning how to play her.
Although Jump Canceling the cr.Fierce into Shikusen shenanigans are hilarious… Especially now that I learned that j.Fierce ground-bounces if comboed into… Juri’s got a hell of a lot of potential in this game. I just need to find the right second to back her up…


Juri works well both on point and on 2nd, she’s an overall strong character.
Definitiely seems like top8 material right now.

c.hp x jc backwards lk dive works well for pressure.


Skatan I noticed in your Juri vid in the combo thread your partner was Xiao. I’m trying to learn her as well, have you found any neat tech?


I think you’re referring to my video actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

I didn’t really have time to train with anyone but Juri but she seems interesting. Then again, a lot of Tekken characters look pretty strong. I also wanna try out Yoshimitsu, King and Jin among others…


Yeah, brain fart, ahah.

Xiao - so far, to me anyway - seems to be at first glance an incredibly complex character. She has horrible traditional anti-airs, but her phoenix stance makes her virtually immune to jumpins (except dive kicks ala rufus), she’s got some gimmicks, but she’s also got really strong combo potential (midscreen 400 damage no meter). She also has horrible wakeup options and horrible normals for the most part. She seems very hard to use. I’m going to keep working with her, though, I want to make her work :frowning:


Well I dunno about best but I’m currently running with a gem load out I call “Get Bent” Its Onslaught, Power and Speed – they all activate at the same time.
the little extra meter boost with increased speed and a little better damage output is working pretty good
Chun Li currently Alt but needs to straighten her act up or Juri will need a new partner is running with 2 Onslaughts and a Profiency
pretty much use her to build up and sustain the meter for Juri’s havok. I don’t run speed on Chun because it seems to mess with her moves unlike Juri
for anyone curious look no further than Chun’s jumping HP TC with speed on it only hits once ~ bitch needs to start acting right or my Alt from SSF4 is going to kick her ass to the curb. Juri is so beast! Chun is garbage -------