Spidey 101:

:o This thread will discuss the usefulness of Spidey’s moves and what to do in certain situations.

So if u have any thing your unsure about and how to use it post it up here.

Well I guess the first thing I will gett crackin on is the chrcs wo r a pain in the @$%!

The first chrc who comes to mind which use to be rare to find but not anymore is a hella good Wolvy player.

Why? because that stinkin poking range he has which beats out almost every basic attack Spidey does.

feel free to post any other chrcs who r a pain in the @$%! when yor playing spidey and I will answer, also I will answer this one about wolvy’s as well!

Welcome to the Kookymanus show…:rolleyes: :lol: …
October 11,2003… you should make a trip to Charlotte, NC for the “Major”… people as high up as Maryland are comin… i just wanna see what’s up wit your Spidey and mine… :wink:

:evil: I would love to Red, except…:confused: (I hate when I miss out) I’ ve got prior plans and I’m kinda wrapped up in looking for a new job since I got layed off! Still I’m sure we’ll get another chance hopefully before the year is out. Maybe one day we can catch each other in Md. somewhere that way it be almost the same distance for both of us to travel.

Aside from that which I’m sure you’ve noticed by now I don’t post back to back anymore because my computer is gone and now I’m forced to got to the local library and use theirs:mad: , but the good side is at least I’m able to drop by on the forums now and then.:depress:

Thxs for the info, but we’ ll do it another time. Have fun man and do your best to rep Spidey/Doom or Spidey and whatever else u can think of.

LMAO… The tournament last night… SOOO FUCKIN AWESOME!!! Unexpectedly Justin and Josh Wong showed up… along with Isaac, Arturo, Rick Mears, and a host of others… OMJ… what a tourney… I actually got the chance to be raped by Justin Wong… who’s actually a cool kid once you get to know him…:wink:

Damn :bluu: Justin is like the invisible man, everytime I’m looking for the guy he’s never around or I just missed him. This happened to me previously a number of times in the past as a result of me missing out on a tourney.

:stuck_out_tongue: By the way Red…How exactly did u do against him, I know u said raped but I’m sure u got a couple of hits in right? Tell me in detail as to how u started and finished your match against Justin!:stuck_out_tongue:

My match with Justin pretty much went like everyone elses match with him during that exhibition time… He played a lock-down Sentinel/Cable/Doom… that no one could escape… Of course there were no perfects, but tons of OCV’s…

Now… he may be over my house today if things work out… magfest in Williamsburg VA is this weekend… and every saturday night I have people over my house on the big screen for ‘Drunken Marvel’…:smiley: … So J. Wong and Sanford Kelly are in town, and we are gonna try to get them over here for a marvel night cap with SOVA players… should be fun…:cool:

Hey guys, I’m pretty new to competitive 2D fighters and I’m trying to pick up some MvC2. i’ve taken a liking to Spidey, being a longtime Spidey fan and I just like the way he moves and controls. Right now I play with Spidey-capture/Juggernaut-dash and I’m looking for someone to fill that 3rd spot. Was looking at probably picking up Doom-AAA.

Anyhow, I was just wondering what a basic gameplan should be for Spidey. I pretty much just jump and swing around the stage looking for openings to drop in with a combo. Suggestions?

Doom works wonders there

He protects juggernaut, as Mike Z has said in his juggernaut tutorial video

and as far as spiderman goes, yes, it’s a good combo.

Any questions on his priorities, feel free to ask. I’ve found that dash, c.hk with doom works nicely, as people don’t typically expect it, and it’s long range and fairly safe against non-gods.
learn to cancel his web dash 100% of the time.
hk is a great attack from the web dash since it’s an awesome crossup, and hp is good for longer range.
his jumping jab has the same “push down” property that magneto’s d+lk in the air has. instead of making them rise up, it pushes them downwards. on the ground, other than c.hk as i said before, his good attacks are c.lk, s.lk beats magneto’s slide SOMETIMES, and s.hk.
S.hk is good because you can super jump cancel it and it’s a launcher if they jump.

I’ve been using Juggernaut, Venom, Doom lately but I want to throw Spidey in there. How do you cancel his web-dash in the first place. I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it consistently.

Also, combos. I usually do c.lk, c.mk, s.HK /\ lp, lk, mp, mk, hk. Is there anything better?

down + attack

better than that combo? well, depends… that’s a great combo, because you can land on either side after the combo and setup for the reset. it’s kinda like playing pool… don’t worry about getting a combo, worry about how to get multiple combos. spider’s combos are kinda weak.

my personal favorite combo, and it makes people go WTF?
when you’re in the corner, web dash + cancel with HK + call doom, land, c.hk Doom hits OTG, lp web throw, and occassionally, you’ll throw them back into the doom rocks, and you get a hp web throw or maximum spider for free.

with that assist, you can do a few others.

c.lk, c.lk, s.hk call doom, sj, hp, maximum spider

c.lk, c.lk, s.hk, call doom, sj, magic series, lk web swing xx maximum spider.

on small people, like megaman, you can go

c.lk, c.lk, s.hk sj magic series, lk web swing, xx maximum spider immediately DHC into headcrush.