Spidey 3

Just got back from the matinee showing, as it just opened here today. Not bad, around two and a half hours.

Like X3, there’s 2138216382161 subplots owing to the three villains and Peter’s relationship with MJ. Unlike X3, it doesn’t get so clusterfuck-y and sort of comes together in the end.

A video montage of the first two films occurs in the opening credits. A pretty neat rundown of the stuff that’s happened in Spidey and Spidey 2 is shown.

summary please…sort of


Peter’s all set to propose to MJ. Gwen Stacy is a classmate of Peter’s at ESU. At Spider-man he saves Gwen from falling from a building after a freak construction accident. A testimonial parade is made in Spidey’s honor shortly after. Due to his crimefighting rep, Spidey is sort of an icon in NY already. MJ, struggling with her shitty broadway shows, can’t help but feel jealous.

Gwen kisses Spidey the same way MJ kissed Spidey in the first film. This doesn’t bode well for MJ, as well as for new Bugle photographer Eddie Brock, who is dating Stacy.

Stan Lee cameo has him speaking this time. He’s a bystander who watches a Spidey video clip beside Peter (it airs on one of NY’s giant advertising screens). He tells Peter something like, “Sometimes it does take just one person to make a difference. Nuff said!”

Peter vs. Green Goblin Jr. Harry takes a fall and becomes amnesiac. He forgets about his father’s past and Peter’s identity. It all comes back to him later via hallucination, though (as he was exposed to the GG serum already).

Spidey vs. Harry part 2 involves Spides doing a web throw to a goblin bomb and hurling it back at Harry’s face.

Upon gaining the black costume Peter adopts the emo hairstyle and becomes a dick to everyone. He exposes Brock’s Black Spidey photo as a fake (and gets him fired in the process). He eventually hits MJ in a fit of rage. Troubled by Dr. Connors’ reports on the nature of the black goo, he ends up feeling guilty of what he’s done and ends up in a cathedral.

It’s interesting to note that while Peter is getting rid of the symbiote (via the churchbells), it’s directly dripping down on Brock… so Venom forms almost immediately after Spidey rids himself of the black suit.

Sandman’s an escaped convict who got caught in a physics experiment by accident. He gets around by becoming a sentient dust cloud.

Venom and Sandman join forces and kidnap Mary Jane. Spidey tries to ask Harry (now scarred by the bomb) for help, but is turned down. The Osborn family butler confesses to Harry that he prepared Norman Osborn’s body for the funeral, and told Harry that Norman did die by one of his own devices, and not by Spider-man’s hand. Harry changes his mind and helps Spidey.

The last big fight scene is Spidey and Harry vs. those two. Harry takes down Giant Sandman (giant because he absorbed sand from a nearby dumptruck) by firing multiple goblin bombs at him, turning parts of him to glass because of the heat.

Oh and just to get the big one out of the way

ending spoiler


Harry dies, after Venom impales him in the chest with blades from his own glider.

Spidey defeats Venom by using construction pipes, enclosing Venom in a makeshift barricade and clanging them together really loud. The sonics weaken the symbiote. Spidey uses web throw again to free Brock from the symbiote, and hurls a leftover goblin bomb to destroy it. At the last second though, Brock jumps back and re-binds with the symbiote before the explosion. Afterwards there’s no trace of Venom, leaving the “Dead? Maybe not?” possibility.

Sandman talks to Spidey in the end about his terminally ill daughter and how
He tells the story of how the original crook was the one who really killed Uncle Ben and not him. Spidey, reflecting on the bad decisions and terrible things he did while in the black suit, forgives him.

I just got back from the myspace showing. I loved the length of the movie. Plenty of funny moments. Bad ending :frowning:

Jameson is extra-strength comedy in this one.

I also remember some of the ending credits… some of the small child speaking roles have Raimi’s credited to them. The director’s children?

Yes Sam’s children are in the movie.

I’ll remain as spoiler free as possible because avoiding all of these spoilers for the last few days has been a major pain in the ass. :rofl:

I liked this movie a lot. Just like the other two movies it has a great blend of comedy, action, and drama. They did the multi-villain story and actually made it work. I loved the Peter / Mary / Gwen love triangle. I also like the way the movies show how people get their powers, little touches like seeing the symbiote move around like a spider are really great.

I didn’t like it as much as 2 but seeing it as a whole, like all 3 movies as one big movie this is a great way IMHO to close out the trilogy, especially considering by the time 4 comes around (Sony confirmed 4, 5 & 6) who knows what actors will remain or if even Sam Raimi will remain on board. Oh and it is still the best of the number 3 comic book movies BY FAR. Superman 3, Batman 3, X-Men 3, Blade 3, soooo much better.

I do miss the Alex Ross drawings in the beginning of the second one, but it’s also something that 2 can keep to retain it’s specialness. And yeah I’d imagine Ross is a busy guy…

Sam Raimi is the man! :tup:

So I give it 5 out of 5 web cartridges. No wait, he doesn’t use web cartridges in the movies… how about 6 out of 6 Spider Sense squiggly lines? Darn it, he doesn’t have that either… Okay I’ll just give it 5 Spider-Man movie villains out of 5, that’ll work. :rofl:

honestly, i think spidey 3 was horrible compared to the first two. the first two had a really good pace story wise, while 3 seemed like it was constantly throwing subplots in your face. was it done by a different director or something? shit was all over the place. just my opinion =/

It really did have a different feel to the other two. Can’t put my finger on it though. Was still enjoyable but 2 was the best.

Me and my friends argued about this one.
I agree that the pacing feels different, but I don’t think the pacing is bad. My friends said the pacing sucked, and there was character depth. But there is a lot of character depth. Sandman and Harry have great depth, Sandman more than Harry. My only complaint is Eddie Brock. He wasn’t that deep of a character…more like an afterthought. I still enjoyed the final battle though. I give it a 4/5

My god… it’s back!

I guess I’ll take this opportunity to throw my two cents in.

  1. It’s nowhere near as bad as the doomsayers like to say it is.

  2. That said, the pacing is flabby, particularly during the final act. There’s too much reuse of plot elements from previous films (mainly the ever-present Pete/MJ/Harry crap, which becomes soap opera-esque at this point), and putting Venom in late in the movie is one villain too many.

It would have been a much better film had they gotten rid of the rehashed material and cut Venom from the picture. That way, they could take more time to develop Eddie Brock, set up a nice little cliffhanger with the symbiote finding Eddie at the end, then use Venom as one of the principle villains in Spidey 4.

I agree. I finally got around to seeing this movie and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s pretty much what I’ve come to expect from a Spidey movie. Sure, I guess it was a little predictable in parts, and some of the scenes were a little overdone (like the crowd of people who gathered to watch the climactic battle scene- in real life, if I saw that shit happening, I think I’d run away). But the movie was still a good representation of who Peter Parker is. I think I like this movie more than the first two.

For all this talk about cramming too many villains and subplots, I thought the movie did just enough to tell the story they wanted to tell. It was entertaining enough, it made me laugh, and it didn’t have any major flaws that prevented me from enjoying it.

It’s a multi-hundred million dollar Hollywood spectacle. What do people expect? The heart and soul and purity of a comic book???

Personally, I feel they did the right thing with Venom. They treated him like a nobody who gains the chance to throw a superpowered temper tantrum. I’m glad they didn’t try to explain where the symbiote came from.

I also like Bryce Dallas Howard as Gwen Stacy.