Spidey Air Dash:



okay as we all know spidey’s air dash is not the best in the world but it still serves a purpose. It does enable him to have the abilty to do a Tri-jump of his own, but it can’t be utilized to re-combo like Mag,Storm,Rogue etc…

I use it for cross up purposes like getting to the other side and calling out Doom’s AAA and then I’ll cancel the dash from behind.

For best results though I do a SJ and cancel it by the air dash and press either the lp or lk or fk as fast as I can that way it becomes a tri-jump. It throws alot of ppl game off cause they are like WTF was that. Also if u time the attacks right if your oppon is air borne u can re-SJ and connect with another attack.

I just love it!


Technically it’s all about covering your ass when u go swinging. Sen’s ground assist helps makes matters better. true some ppl will catch on to your technique that’s why I suggest Sj and canceling it with pp so that will enable u to do a webswing qcb+k and do another qcb+k to retreat. plus it enables u to cancel any one of those swings into Max.S.!


Sent’s ground assist does help somewhat, but what will any good cable user do when you call out Sent Ground and your not superjumping… AHVP… So… Im not saying you shouldnt use Ground assist, just dont use it against Cable or your’ss eat it all the time…

In short, i recommend Storm’s Vertical Typhoon assist, in which if it hits, you can easily cancel out of what your doin into a Max Spidey… only for cable though, Doom AAA cross-ups work well against pretty much anyone else and Sent ground assist is ok too…


:smiley: Hey sup’ red been awhile. Oh I do use Sent ground assist against cable players but it’s like I said there’s so much u can do during spidey’s air dash. The best time I recommend using it is when cable has lv 1 or no super bar. The air dash takes time getting use to and Cable as we know will go for AHVB. But who says the Spider can’t use Sent for bait only under those conditons I listed about his Cable’s Super!


By the way Red; did u ever try that extended ground combo I posted awhile back ya know S.lp,S.lk pause S.lk,S.Fk or C.FK
It’s alittle trickey to get the timing down but it’s well worth it!:evil:


Not yet, ive been workin on a Spidey infinite for the past few weeks… .and its still not workin too well, i have a reset that seems to work quite well, but people catch on after a while, so im back to the drawing board…

Ive been workin with MSP a lot, so I switched in Spidey with Psy, and got some new material with them, ill post up later on…


dang… its been too long. its good to know theres still a few that play Spidey!

anyway, ive known the usefulness of his airdash for a while, it comes in handy alot of times for me. anyway, whats this spidey infinite u have been workin on, Red? let me know. ive been playin Spidey/Sent/Doom…
too good!

ehh, it gets the job done most of the time. im also workin on my doom combos and set ups for the infinite.

Spider/Doom = Too Good


Tis the truth… Spidey/Doom/Sent = Ownage… Spidey/Doom/Storm= ComboFiend2…:smiley:

The Spidey infinite ive been trying to work on hasnt really worked at all… However, Spidey does have a bad-ass cross-up that, if your playing the right person, could end up as an infinite… Its easy… Simply launch with c.lk c.lk s.hk Sj. lp lk lp lk… let he opponent fall, and you can basically pick what side you want to attack from… you can cross up almost all the time… start with flying in attacks… or just land and do crouching attacks… it doesnt work on everyone you play against, just a cross-up to catch epople off guard…


Hmm…well I’m glad to hear that u found this little trick red, but it’s a technique ppl used to do way back, but they stopped due to predictability. I used to do this alot and sometimes every now and then. However truth be told spidey with crossups=BEAST!!
Crossups is a big part of his game.

I use to do this combo but the timing for me is a little sloppy seeing as how I’ve got a little Rust to clear out:p : C.lk,S.lp^Sj.lp,Sj.lk,Sj.lp pause Sj.lk I can’t exactly remember the intial pause but the air combo should be done as late as possible and it would help if u hold uf throughout the combo. I know that around the third hit of the air combo Spidey should be on the other side of his oppon. Like I said it’s been awhile since I’ve fooled with this:rolleyes:

Besides I don’t think he really needs an infin.,but that doesn’t mean that I don’t think any of us should give up on finding it either.:smiley: Now if u can catch someone’s assist and beast the hell outta their assist then that’s somethin altogether different. It’s funny as hell watching ppl trying to stop spidey from beating the shit outta their helper and then they endup getting fucked up in the process.:lol: Usually I just whistle to myself…!


Every character has an assist killing infinite… but that’s tourney play right there… Spidey/Doom Snap-back combos are l33t… I havent posted any of those yet… maybe i should start…




Gj Red. Pwnage work right there!:cool:


Hey Mr. phelps… Sorry I signed off so quick… but yea… after we finished talkin on AIM… what you told me actually happened… so im gonna work on it a little bit to see if I can figure out this Spidey assit glitch… if that extra hit can get in… then that’d be l33t… thanks for tellin me that, cause i never noticed it before…

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee got somethin new to work on…:stuck_out_tongue: