Spidey match videos at the Break



The Break’s recent videos featured spidey. Discuss:



There are other videos if you search the player’s name


Kindly post this on the video thread as there are more people have that thread on watch. Are you the one using this Spidey?


sorry, i’m not really used to forums, so it didn’t occur to me to post elsewhere; and yeah, that’s me using spidey


Good spider-man is so fun to watch, I found the Wesker synergies really interesting. Thanks for posting these!


When you hit confirm with Akuma you need to be doing :m: web throw over spider sting. Its a stronger confirm and doesn’t mess up combos as much. Honestly unless spider sting is used to open up an opponent it should always be towards the end of a combo. When you were coming in with Spidey vs Viper/Ammy you should have just zipped out of there instead of trying to block it. You probably could have got away with :l: web swing to punish Ammy then zipped to punish Viper. Fortunately no one you did against knew but using UWT like you did is very unsafe. They could have teched forward and threw/attacked you out still. Other than that good stuff.