Spidey's Missions

I picked up the game from the post office this morning and had a quick go before work. I probably just need more practice but I had some trouble completing mission 6? It goes c.L,s.M,c.H,S,a.M,a.M,a.H,WS,a.M,a.M,a.S. I’m missing with the final a.S because I’m too low. I have a feeling it might be because I hit the first a.M after the launch too slowly or I’m doing the combo in the corner and need to be a bit further away when connecting. Any suggestions?

in general if you whiff the air special, you are prolly jumping too late after your launch or starting your arial chain too late.

Pretty much this, the timing on it feels a bit funky compared to other characters’ ariel BnB’s but just keep working at it.

I can’t do the finish mission. I’m having trouble timing the j. M to S after the Web Swing. Any tips?

Would someone be able to tell me where the opponent should be relative to spider after the web swing? I think that I en up being below them so that the 2 M hits can connect but the downward pointing a.S naturally misses.

I did it! Now for the next one! :slight_smile:

If you guys are having trouble with timing and such its great help to see the combo done in action. If you haven’t done so Vesper Arcade has many of the character’s mission modes posted on youtube. Here is Spiderman’s: [media=youtube]yXadw4XWQSo[/media]

Haven’t done any missions yet. Should get started!