Spiffy shoes dualshock hack site gone?

anyone saved the pinout ? I am trying to fix my stick…worked for like a year but doesnt go down anymore(like some bitchs)

anyone mirrored the site hook me up…I can host it :tup:

Damn and I was literally about to try that padhack in about an hour and a half lol.

yeah this sucks…wonder where spiffyshoe is now a days…

ANYONE has the pinout please post, thanks in advance !


Here you go.

site isnt gone… he prolly didnt move it to roadrunner setup yet

down here in texas comcast became roadrunner so everything has to be moved…



I hope he gets the entire site back up soon, since it was very helpful. In the meantime, thanks for the repost of the pinout picture.

i have the html and image files from the site on my comp, i’ll upload them when i find them

(Taken partially from another thread, some resouces for the meantime as we wait and hope that the Spiffy site goes back up)

I’ve been doing a lot of homework on padhacking myself and was thinking about trying it, so I have a few resources and information. Note: I am a stickmaking newbie, and although I’ve tried to make the following as accurate as possible, it probably has errors…

[]The solderless hack was designed for certain types of PS1 pads. Only certain types work for it. Most of these were the PS1 A-Series; however, some A-Series are built differently and do not work with it, and I understand that certain other types of PS1 pads can also be used, like certain H-Series pads.
]Spiffy originally recommended that you look at the transparent-case A-Series because it was transparent, to check and see if it had the right type of ribbon terminal (or something… I forget the details) on the back before buying it.
[]I’ve heard from multiple sources that instead of using 26 gauge, you can can make 22 fit if you aren’t using every single button (like just 8 buttons + joystick).
]Extended info on the solderless hack by SpiffyShoes himself. Says it’s possible with a PS2 DS A-Series but is weirder due to it having a different pinout, multiple grounds, etc.
[]PSX solderless hack pinout image, saved by koi, thanks!
]Someone’s solderless hack picture
For a period of a few days after his site went down, Google still had the cache of SpiffyShoes’s solderless hack page viewable (albeit with broken images). Stupidly, I neglected to save the text, because I didn’t realize the cache site was going to disappear too.

i was looking through that spiffy forum and he posted the dual shock2 pad hack. but the link doesnt work anymore, i wanted to know if you or anyone has it. it would be a great help if any of yall do. :lovin:

I dunno what happened to that guy, but right before he quit this site, dude offered to help me with a couple of my sticks. I sent him a couple of joysticks I was having trouble wiring, but then he disappeared from SRK. I emailed him a few months later as a last resort, and I haven’t heard from him since. I don’t even care anymore, cause now I realize how little I care about modded red octane sticks.

Oh yeah, I saw that and noticed the missing PS2 graphic as well. I don’t know where it can be found; all I have are some (probably incorrect) guesses about how it might be done by grouping together info from multiple sites. Some stuff to consider first:

[]There are 18 lines in a PS2 A-Series, not 16.
]The PS2 pads have multiple grounds, not one common ground for everything.
[]This PCB is known not to work for a Happ Perfect 360 joystick.
]PS2 pads have a reputation for being harder to get to work than PS1 pads. Then again, I’ve seen people say they’ve done it (for solderless hacks, even).
[*]I don’t actually know what I’m talking about here and have never done this.
I’d suggest going to J & D’s Arcade Construction and look closely at their info and pictures. If that controller shown is indeed an A-Series, you can see the ribbon thing in their first picture and the holes for the lines in the 2nd. In the 3rd, they show it with wires placed in. Presumably it’s done something like that.

They have the pinout listed; I have no idea what #12 is used for, if anything, and if you’re doing the sticking-wires-in thing, I don’t know if the pinout numbers run from left to right (#1=top left, #2=bottom left, #3=top row 2nd from left, etc.) or from left to right along the top row only and then left to right on the second row (#1-9 = top, #10-18 = bottom) or what.

That’s all I can offer as far as ideas right now. :wonder:

The weird thing, if you look at that other guy’s solderless hack picture is that he says twice that it’s a PS2 A-Series, but I count 16 lines going in, not 18. (Not that you have to use every line, but still…) I don’t know if he made a mistake saying it’s a PS2 when it’s really a PS1 or if there’s something I don’t understand here.

Bummer. That is decidedly un-spiffy. :tdown:

Someone give me a PM when they upload HTML site, I’m in the middle of making my stick with this mod.

BUMP I really need the site archive.

If you need the pin out mapping, I provided an image a few posts up.

Ok, I don’t think this is illegal in anyway, I rar’ed the a-hack page since I had it saved and am uploading to rapidshare now.

I could also put it on the srk FTP if anyone else wants it


there you go guys, I’ll delete it later if there is a problem. I doubt it, though.

I <3 you Parry…now I just need to figure out how to incorporate this info into the DS2 -A series…I’ve taken it apart and infact it does have the insertable wire thing haha…do you think I could fry my PCB thru trial and error or should I just wait until I have a solid basis?

thanks parryp, been after this. :tup:

Thanks Parry.