Spike : I'm ready for Specter


Probably common knowledge but Spike can change direction of jD.3 fully charged at the last minute. Can only do it with this charge and state, however.

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Can you link the lv.1 super now?

Did not know that, pretty neat, thank you.


It is not huge, it just helps to make last second modifications to the pipotron slam because the area of battle can change in the second or two of charging.

I haven’t tried yet. Mostly been just playing as Spike because in most games I do too much training not enough sparring. I am also trying really hard to consistently get the jN.111 after two D.1s to help my AP output which falls behind the silly **** Kratos and other characters get to do. I really should get the radar/super down because I need to start hitting my supers far more consistently if I want to start winning often. The way I see it, I need to always net 1 kill with Lv1 and 2 with Lv2 or they are wasted. I went 12 or so matches yesterday without using RC Laser once, or even much charged fist, and I think those must be pretty essential to getting points with Spike especially in 2v2 which is what I play.


Hey, if you want to do some sparring i’d be more than happy to help you out. I’ll even record our videos so you can get some feedback on your playing. I’ll hop on and see what I can to help you land d.1,d.1,jN.111 in a bit, more than likely tonight. I"ll post a video as well with some text to help out with timing.

For lv.2 a great method is to roll behind an opponent and use your d.1 to super 2. Its a great confirm and throws people off. short hopping a d.2 is another great way to trap a group of people. 2v2 is great for this. I have some videos on my youtube that show off me using dashing lv.1 monkey super into the lv.1 super net.

As for the rc car, using nobody’s method of breaking their guard with a charged dash from the air sets up a perfect chance to use the crumple. Other than that, using air monkey radar lv2 and confirming they are hitting a grounded opponent is a good chance to come down and use the rc car for crumple.

[media=youtube]Ovy5hKA-_xc[/media] - this is one of my vids from last night, have a little better quality. I use the lv.1 money radar into lv.1 super net a lot.

[media=youtube]XGrH_-SexPk[/media] - this is another of mine from last night, full of good stuff.

My psn : goddessbracelet - if you want to spar some hit me up :slight_smile:


I’d certainly like to see your Spike up close but I am not that great a player so having me on a youtube channel or something might turn some subscribers away.

I love the d.1 into Level2 hit confirm and use it often (reminds me of a question, how does the speed of n.1 and d.1 compare they seem similar?), but my problem is more consistently getting 2-3 kills with it to make it worth the cause (and compared to the other level 2s people aim to use which get 3-4 kills virtually always). All I can really do is try to wait for that time everyone is distracted and even then it is a bit of a tossup if they can roll or jump out (probably need to spend timing learning optimal times to do it in each person’s combo). I do try the d.1 first even then to ensure one kill.

I can get the Nobody combo down if I just practice it more (already good I just want it 100% to replace 111). Does the timing change on a character basis? I know that some hitboxes already negate some of Spike’s combos (S.2 into S.1 for instance).

Psn is QuackendriverV and I am free most every evening est thanks to a job with great hours.


So far I have been unable to link two d.1 swords into j.111, they just tech out after the second sword hit, so i’m not really sure how to connect that.

N.1 and D.1 are around the same speed to the naked eye, I don’t have frame info. However, I would recommend d.1 a lot more due to its range.

As for landing multiple supers, free for all is the derpier place to get your multikills. I usually am sticking with 2v2 or 1v1 with people on my psn. Anyways, if you have a raiden going to town on two others you can jump and use your shock cannon and then link lv.1 or 2 super for big kills.

Lv.1 multikills - people not paying attention to your spacing, let someone else combo them and set them up. That net has stupid range. Stop people short with d.3(lv.1) It doesn’t look like it will connect but it does.

Lv.2 multikills - sometimes you just fall prey to the stage itself. Hades is a great stage to rack up kills with this super as opposed to loco roco. I could also reccomend the dojo, killzone, paris, alden tower and the middle of columbia’s stage as oppurtunities to set this off.

I’ll be recording some more matches, I’ll link them in if anything fun happens :slight_smile:


Well I hit d.1 d.1 j.111 often for my go to punish combo right now for 80 AP, so I know it works it just has tricky timing or else yes they tech out before the finish. I find it better than the one using shock cannon because it leaves you more vulnerable to counterattack for only 5 more AP.

I primarily do 2v2 as my favorite especially now as I am racking up friends. So there I do not need multikills with Level 1 but I feel my level2 is wasted if I do not hit both opponents.

Gonna practice more tonight though I started Drake today and really love him. He’s very similar to Spike in a lot of ways and I have as much allegiance to Uncharted as I do to AE.

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I am uploading about ten videos of matches i recorded today, some good, some not so good. If you find anything to take my from them I’m happy about it then.

I’ll have to work on nailing that link for d.1 d.1 j.111.


New ap burst combo -

j.f+1 (charged), d.1,d,2,d.1, j.111, burst - 135 ap.

Probably looking at a good bnb for spike now with this framework. Persona has a video of spike combos out with a similiar combo to this but instead utiliize’s u.1+1 into a wallbounce and then links j.111 for around 150 ap I think.


New and easy ap burst combo - requires a wall

use your bannanas to rest someone standing up and catch the with this

grounded d.3 (charged to green), run forward, u.1+1, wallbounce, j.111, wallbounce, j.111, burst - 130 ap

Air bannanas (all 3 hit), u.1+1, wallbounce, j.111, wallbounce, j.111, burst - 150 ap

run up and catch them with u.1+1, bounce, j.111, bounce, j.111, burst -140 ap


[media] [media=youtube]n01_QQGqgrU[/media] [/media]

I hope you guys like it, sorry about the quality all i have is my 3ds to record.


[media] [media=youtube]iGpVuLvN3bc[/media] [/media]

Lv.1 air monkey radar combos

Spike Mixups :

air shock cannon, roll mix up
air shock cannon, roll mix up to lv.1 super

bannanarang, air shock cannon roll, either monkey lv.1 to j.u.1+1 or j.u.1+1 or to j.111

air shock cannon, roll mix up, j.u.1+1, wall bounce, lv2 super

up throw, lv.1 monkey radar if they don’t roll, doing this low to the ground works best to catch them.

monkey lv.1(air) , up throw, monkey lv.1, charged stun rod, guard break, either 111 or u.1+1

roll forward tech
Up throw, monkey lv.1, d.1, u.1+1

Tech trap :

monkey lv.1, charged stun rod, guard break, d.1, d.2, wait, super 1. catches them on the arc of the


in corner only (so far) air lv3 monkey, jump, air lv.1 monkey, air 111. 90 ap baby!

ap burst combo - (catch them while they are jumping) air lv.1 monkey radar, air 111, u.1+1,wall

bounce, j.111 - burst -145 ap


Yo those RC car mixups were sick.


Yeah he is a beast, i’m still working on a fast way to get the rc car crumple down. at this point i only land it 60% of the time in a match? It all comes down to practice. Haven’t seen anything else from cyberman on spike though, its a shame, he had some cool stuff.


[media] [media=youtube]GfYQMZlxMUs[/media] [/media]


Remember labbing a while ago with spike. Pretty sure banana > lvl 2 works as well.

Also I think I came up with some shit with the drones item, some loops/lvl 1 setups but I can’t remember inputs. I’ll post again if I figure them out again.


They do work, i haven’t gotten to update this with a lot of stuff i’ve found yet. :slight_smile:

Bannanas -> short hop -> shock cannon -> lv.1 works too.

So does air lv.1 monkey -> drop -> shock cannon -> lv.1

As far as the drones go, if you can get a guard break on them, using u.1 will just juggle them and then you can hit the ground and do j.111 before a burst.

Also you can air lv.1 monkey -> drop -> slingshot -> u.1 +1

and air lv.1 monkeiy -> drop -> u.1+1

I look forward to your findings :slight_smile:


air d.3 (green), short hop, d.2, d.1, j.111 -burst - 130 ap

new combo :), very fast

have a new wall to wall combo done in the small training room, thats right, the whole arena, have to work out the notation because i’m still surprised myself.

I belive it was air d.3 (first level) drop, d.2, u.1+1, jump forward, j.111 - burst

also : d.3 (first level, ground), air f+1, guard break, 2.2 (crumple), d.3(first level, ground), d.1, d.2, u.1+1 - burst


Found some of the drones stuff (I believe that it’s actual name is Killer Bees)

It’s possible to do a basic loop by linking 1 > 1 into itself if you use 2 (or 3 I guess) to activate the drones during the animations of the other attacks. This is so you don’t get the last hit in the chain.
The timing is somewhat specific but I’ve found that I can do it by pressing 2 on the last hit of the second 1. You can also do things like 1 > 1 > D1 with this.

Also with Killer Bees, J.S1 > Level 1 works which is really useful. It works because the projectile from drones travels slower than Spike does so soon after the dive hits the projectile does leaving you with enough time to get the Level 1.

As for actually comboing into Level 1, it’s possible to get it if you do sweep then activate drones with the same button later in the animation before doing super.
However, this is VERY impractical as alot of the time it simply does not work. This is just because of the way Killer Bees work, there are two drones that ROTATE above you and the shots alternate between the two. This means that the positioning changes which sucks for this setup because if the drones are closer to the enemy that means that they will hit earlier and you don’t get the same window of opportunity needed for the setup to work.

And I’ll leave you with something very interesting about this item that may warrant future exploration. You can actually activate drones in certain situations where you would normally not be allowed to press buttons. The cases I am talking about are during throw animations and the startup of most of the casts level ones. This could definitely open up possibilities for item specific throw conversions and level one setups.

And also I just realised that because of the homing properties of the projectiles (fired in the direction of nearest opponent), this item may also have applications for tech chasing/traps will have to experiment further


Compiling a big list of info and vids for spike to post in the coming week so get ready spike fans! Also, match vids will be back on so get ready for the return of running sets and what do you mean i’m a troll on ps allstars on my youtube channel.


And now, for a small info drop!

Spike Loop! - Found by Jimmie on allstarsarena! He has a ton of videos on allstararena.com showing the power that this loop grants. Bottom line, you MUST be learning this loop and nailing it every time you want to hit it. Spike has so many options with it, he becomes a far more efficient killer. He can even link a crumple after the loop to continue into a burst.
Video to follow!

Air rc car -> boxing glove charged -> jump back air rc car -> boxing glove -> jump back air rc car -> boxing glove

variant -> Same as above here, that is the loop and the framework for more setups. Now, during a crumple, jump back fast -> use bannanarang -> air shocker -> lv.1 super or lv.2 super. You must hit them low to the ground with the shock cannon or it won’t work.

To get used to this, go to training and practice hitting lv.1 super off of a bannanrang, it is possible and easy once you hit the timing. Then start doing 'rangs into shock cannons. Then time your jumps to nail it close to the ground. Do it until you have it down good. A lot of people never expect this setup and they sure as hell don’t know what to do when you land it haha.

Updating again soon. See ya!

spike on wakeup -
throw 'rang
hit lv.2 super
if they roll back 'rang hits and confirms

2v2 combos -
stairway of pain -

against a corner -

p1 - shock -> jump 111
p2 - shock -> jump 111
p1 - j.111
p2 - j.111

more than likely a burst

double trouble -

double air bannanas - all hit -> 111 combo on ground -> burst

off a wallbounce -> air rc -> ap burst

off a 'rang -> air rc -> they stay in place, chance for follow up

when facing lockdown teams -

one spike shoots forward, the other follows with an rc car at a safe disance.

combo off side throw wallbounce and air rc wallbounce -

in both cases, catching them low yeilds the best result and can do multiple bounces