SpikeOut: Battle Street

Does anyone here own the game? :confused: I heard Sega made a really low print run and is only available at EB. I’d like to hook up with anyone for some 3D beat-em-up action.

I have it…and bought it for only 30 bucks…at EB…Look it now on ebay…suckers…i love this game…

Guys do you know if/when its out in the uk?

I would love to play that shit online

EDIT - The game should be out by the end of April in the UK. Once I get it I’ll post here and we can get some games in.

I k now Italy has it and some parts of Europe…so UK should be right around the corner

please tell whats it like cause I only heard of it when a friend sent me a game invite and I didnt have it.

I got it, played it online the first day I got it and haven’t played it since. Sega is supposed to rerelease it.

Holy crap, hahaha, I remember playing this in arcades. Never seen it on console, though.

I just got the game earlier, its just a brainless basher with bosses and weapons and shit. Personally I think it’s a cool game too own. I’d put it in the same kind of league as house of dead 2 on dc, you know it’s fun to play with mates but aint that long and is repetative.

But hey it’s like having a multi player arcade machine in your house, and I always thought the game looked cool in the arcades anyway.

I’m currently playing his game at the mo. It’s a good game (multiplayer goodness!)(ah… sega park memories… :pleased: )just tring to get all the bosses at the moment, which is proving to be hard!! 25/45 bosses at the moment.

Anyone feel free to send me a friend request.

XBL Gamertag: dn3000

I took the game back, but will buy it again when it goes budget. I see you’re from the UK, add me up man or I’ll send you a FR next time i’m on, I play 3s and cvs2 mainly aswell as timesplitters and burnout from time to time, I got other games too but hardly play them

GT = BassVentura

Does any 1 know the hidden command for taunting? e.g. ‘thank you’, ‘help me’ etc?