Spill Your (arcade) Guts!

I wanna clean up my insides of the TE fight stick. Have seen Spiral Wrap and Wire Wrap for sale and seems to be what is used to do so.

Is this what you guys get for the internal wires? some of these custom sticks have beautiful insides. I wanna give it a go. Just need to know if this is what you use to organize and make the insides of the fightstick so clean, and if so what size (ex.3/8).

thanks. You guys should show off your custom insides on this thread as well. WE got custom arcade sticks, show off your cabs and what not.

Rules should be no Front view of fight stick UNLESS it is a ongoing theme such as a custom Mario stick i have seen where pipes were used on the inside.

This should become a “SHOW OFF YOUR ARCADE STICK INSIDES” thread…

might I suggest starting off showing this done with a TE fightstick (to give me ideas on how to achieve this)

hope this takes off

im gonna bump on the opinion that i think it will be interesting

I like the concept of this thread. Show us your clean ass wiring. This means you jdm!

It’s been done. From '05 to '08 got up to 5 whole pages.

lol, half the pictures have been removed. :3

Time for a necro?

Could this be a place for recommendations for wiring stuff, too? Like recommendations for places to buy wiring loom/cable wraps/etc., processes for running wires, stuff like that?

This thread could be awesome for throwing ideas around for a cleaner environment inside our sticks. :tup:

Yeah it wasn’t very successful. I’m not opposing to the idea. In fact, I like it. But people find it too much trouble to post in both the custom sticks thread and this. And a lot of people (like myself) have messy wiring doesn’t care enough to post. Bump the old thread if you have something to post.

I used TechFlex to clean up my wiring after learning about it from souji5!

I’ve been guilty of messy wiring in the past but I do my best to keep it clean at this point. I think people that wire cleanly definitely take pride in it. I’d rather look at sexy wiring than anime art. I could be in the minority though. : \

I’ve pride.

Just tried Super Duper Wiring of jdm714 today on DS SMD. Not as good.


Here is job I cleaned up one time:


Fixed into this:


This could have been cleaner but I’m happy with it.


After (DB15 for project boxen):

Project IS’s guts.





Wiring by spenzalii. I believe this is still the most complex TEK case build at the moment.

Here is a couple of mine.

I either don’t want to see any wires at all, or I want to see the wires neatly bundled. I’m not a fan of wire loom.






I for one hope it takes off. I think it is an overlooked side to stick modding and far more interesting to look at than which pic of (fighter name) you ripped off the internet.

Suggesting recommendations would be great. I for one wouldn’t know how to manage the thread but i could give it a go. Or if someone wants to take over thats fine by be.

Totally agree. This thread could be very very awesome

I keep whoring this picture around, but I do love me some zip ties. :rofl:


padhacking with tiny itty bitty wires…

then plan out how I wire things and leave excess to cut when it reaches the final stages
getting a final result something like this

although now i’m trying to switch from doing that to using some wire covers like so


do any of you guys have a nice tutorial on the X360 soldering? i need a few tips. I seen alot of x360 PCB here and i thought best to ask the ones who actually wired it up.

On how to solder? I made a video last night. [media=youtube]wX1dZIC0Gp0[/media]

If you’re looking for how to padhack, then read up slagcoin. Joystick Controller - PCB and Wiring