Spilt drink on Stick. Joystick dead, buttons work. Help?


So I spilt some milk on my stick (not a euphemism) whilst gaming. I have a first gen Madcatz TE. I couldnt see any milk under the dust cover and there’s nothing on any of the circuit boards when I had a look inside.

I did see some sticky residue around the xbox guide button but when I had a look at the circuit board underneath it, I couldnt see any milk traces. However I think this is the most likely cause of the problem.

Is this a hard fix? What does this mean does this mean for my stick? I’ve taken my stick apart a few times for minor mods but that’s about it.

Many thanks for any help!


Try cleaning everything with some spray circuit board cleaner or rubbing alcohol


It may be stupid but check your LS/DP/RS slide switch