Spinal Combo List?



Hi guys, I’m new to KI and I want to main spinal, but I can’t find a combo list anywhere and its kind of hard to look at a video while I’m playing the xbox or even see what moves he’s doing since I’m not yet used to the character, so does anybody know of a combo list for him anywhere? It would be greatly useful if I could print one out and look at it while in practice mode, thanks.


I have a google doc on my phone, but it’s dead atm so I’ll have to post it once I get home.

In the mean time you can search for the google doc yourself and see if you can find it.


I don’t think you really need a list.
Just know what moves are your openers.
They are listed in the command list in game.

  1. Just do what ever opener suits,
    Any Jump in attack,
    Or his Shoulder Tackle,
    Or his slide attack, all good openers.

  2. Or do his good poke to start a combo from far away, standing Heavy Punch into shoulder tackle. Or if up close, do a light punch or kick
    Into shoulder or sword special.

1, and 2 are ways to start a combo with Spinal, Then hit your extra button so a double comes out.

As the double is hitting input motions for any special move that is not fireball and doesn’t use a heavy button. All light and medium versions of spinals specials are linkers except fireball.

And after that linker hits press a button again for another double hit. Then as the double hits it is about time to do a combo ender.

So after that last double, input any fireball or heavy version of a special. And that will appropriately end a combo and cash out the damage.

You see there really isn’t a need for a combo list in Killer Instinct you just follow the sequences.

Opener, double, Linker, double, Ender. For starters.

Or if you have enough combo meter left.

Opener, double, Linker, double, Linker, double, ender.

Or you can go from that last Linker to Ender and skip the double.

You can always place a poke 1st before opener too.

Poke, opener, double, linker… and so on.

Every character is like this. Easy game.