Spinning a disk drive on its own

Hello there.
I have an art project coming up and i want to find a way to spin a disk drive with a cd in it without using the normal means of power. i want to take the top off and display the cd spinning. does anyone know how to do this, maybe battery operated. i might be asking way out of porportion but i think it would be an amazing idea.

If anyone has any suggestions for me that would be great. thanks :slight_smile: if i am asking something that is so extreme that can never happen just tell me so haha i wont take offense.

you can get an old disc-man and take the top off. just bypass the interlock and it will spin all day with 3volts.

interlock is a little switch on the lid that turns the player off when you open it. it should be a tiny microswitch. just need to have it always pressed or cut the wires to it and hook them up together.

PS1/psone will spin while open if you press down the small detector inside

dammit i wish i wouldnt have sold my old psone to game stop lmfao.

Stick your finger in the hold in the middle of a disc. Then, using your other hand, give the disc a quick whirl. It should spin for a few seconds.

… or you could buy some POS portable CD player from Walmart for $15. It’s cheaper than building or modifying something yourself to spin in a CD player/contraption that looks like a CD player.

lmfao gg how did i not think of that earlier. thanks bro haha

well how would i get the cd player to spin? cause they dont just spin all the time

you would just need to find whatever switch is pressed when the lid is closed, figure out a way to keep it pressed and play on repeat…