Spinning bird kick erasing fireballs, a glitch?

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at 30:48 in that video you can see Chun Li’s sbk erasing a fireball from Ryu. Does this happen consistently? Like, is it something you can reliably do in a match? Has anyone even seen it before?

Wow, I’m surprised that jchensor didn’t know about that, either.

You’ll notice that the fireball chases Chun-Li for a while. After a certain distance, Ryu’s fireball dissipates. This isn’t something new and happens in ST, too.

Air SBK isn’t vulnerable on landing, so it might just have been a straight block.

That was a combination of two things:

  1. Fireballs dissipate after going a certain distance, and

  2. The landing animation for Chun’s SBK is now invincible.

Just a small fix, to make it even clearer.

TBH I’m surprised I haven’t seen a thread about the SPD whiff in Snake Eyes vs Choi that drew commentary on the stream. (Whiff was due to get-up throw invulnerability.)

I’ll have to watch the match again to be sure, but wasn’t the whiff due to blockstun throw invincibility? If I remember correctly Snake Eyez did the SPD too soon after a tick and that’s why it whiffed. I remember that cuz I was thinking that the SPD should still grab anyway cuz it’s got so many active frames, and I was wondering why it whiffed like that. But you could be right that it was after a knockdown, I’ll have to watch it again. Either way there’s a lot of stuff the commentators don’t know about ST/HDR. I bet if they saw a player blocking the 1st 2 hits of Balrog’s Super and then stuffing the 3rd hit with a reversal attack due to the delay, they’d be like “Whoa!! Does that happen in ST? HDR is so different!” LOL

Rufus is correct: it was due to wake-up throw invulnerability.

As for the commentators, I think they were fine. Sure this or that person could have done better, but it is better than “does this have mindgames” retarded shit. Anyway, if they could get Maj or NH2 also for every sf2 stream, it would be great.

Edit: see how many Japanese streams have Gian or someone else commenting, you can see how he knows when the real clutch moments happen and when certain attacks were expected (he says the name of the move). There are also those French videos of Japanese ST action. I got no real idea of what Gian actually says except when he mentions special attacks, but I can understand a few more words as it’s a Latin language and it shows that guy knows what match-ups are hard and what not. Would EVO release a multi-language DVD, someone like Jones could do the French comments, as an instance. Out of curiosity, does anyone know who does those French comments?